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Leesa Rowland Hosts Animal Ashram’s Emerging Artists

Lee Fryd

Leesa Rowland, Chris DeRose, and Mary Max. (Photo: Natalie Bero/AnnieWatt.com)

Animal Ashram's founder Leesa Rowland welcomed over 100 guests during an event honoring Last Chance for Animals' Founder Chris DeRose, in support of Last Chance For Animals and Animal Ashram. Robin Cofer, Liz Derringer and Arden Wohl co-chaired.

Last Chance is known for investigative work against animal cruelty, often putting undercover agents into testing labs and slaughter houses. "We've been called the FBI or Navy Seals of Animal Rights," DeRose told the room. "We go in there and make a difference." Currently, they are working behind the scenes in China and South Korea. And they recently exposed a toxicity lab and pig farm in Canada for torturous conditions.

Liz Derringer, Robin Cofer, and Hank Stampfel. (Photo: Natalie Bero/AnnieWatt.com)

Animal Ashram founding board member Larry Wohl emceed the art silent auction and raffle at The Gallery on West 26th Street. Following the art and cocktail reception, there was an intimate vegan sit-down dinner for 30 Animal Ashram's supporter at Bottinos. Shirtless male models whose faces were painted as animals served vegan hors d'oeuvres by Walid Hammami's WILD and vegan ice cream pops By Chloe.

Cindy Guyer, Leesa Rowland, Dorinda Medley, and Shawni Alexander. (Photo: Natalie Bero/AnnieWatt.com)

The silent auction included art from artists Victor San Andres, Romero Britto, Margaret Zox Brown, Carolyn E. Davis, Marianna Fox M. Fox, Charles Fazzino, Ed Heck, Peter Max, Burton Morris, Patrick McMullan, Peter Reginato, Jeff Rodgers and Annie Watt, while raffle prizes and gift certificates included a Studio 19NYC Hair Salon gift certificate donated by Vasilia Hatgidimitriou, Mina D. Necklace, Revel Rouge, Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking, Wild Restaurant, Pet Pantry, Flirt Beauty Boutique, Dr. John Mesa Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Intraceuticals O2 Facial by Dr. Yasmin Djeffadine, IPL Treatment by Jane Scher's RC, BSN, Arden Wohl x Cri de Coeur, SoulCycle, and Ethos Gallery Dinner.

Montgomery Frazier chats with a model. (Photo: Natalie Bero/AnnieWatt.com)

Guests included: Leesa Rowland, Chris DeRose, Robin Cofer, Liz Derringer, Larry Wohl, Arden Wohl, Mary and Peter Max, Dorinda Medley, Shannon Elizabeth, Cassandra Seidenfeld, Victor Medina-San Andres, Kathryn Rotella, Hank Stampfel, Jane Scher, Glenn Myles and Jennifer Myles, Dominick D'Alleva, Barry Jacobson, Montgomery Frazier and Ben Mindich, Allen Hassan, Mandy Welty, John Mesa, Amelia Doggwiler, Wendy Diamond, Shawni Alexander, Marianna Fox, Dex Phillip, Ashley Silverman, Larry Silverman, and Chris Longoria.

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