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Boo-Hooray Summer Rental Opening In The Hamptons

Nicole Barylski

This summer, husband and wife team Johan Kugelberg and Dr. Lila Wolfe are bringing the Boo-Hooray to the Hamptons. Dedicated to "the organization, stabilization, and preservation of 20th and 21st century cultural movements, specializing in ephemera, photography, and book arts," like the Manhattan flagship gallery and book shop, the Montauk outpost, Boo-Hooray Summer Rental, will encompass everything from treasured American icons and iconoclasm to uncommon books, as well as original art and photography, vintage silkscreens and posters, and general fleeting finds that pay homage to pop culture, underground art, punk, surfing, hippies, hip-hop and beatniks spanning the last half century.

"I started Boo-Hooray ten years ago as a means of working with the kind of 20th century cultural residue that I felt needed representation in museums and academic libraries," explained Kugelberg. "The books we publish, and the rare books and artworks we deal in I think provide a broader picture of American culture and creativity, both underground and mainstream."

Boo-Hooray Summer Rental's inaugural exhibition, Vintage Surf Posters & Ephemera, will appeal to surfers, art lovers, history buffs, and anyone who adores a good trip down memory lane. The art show will include a "killer collection" of surf posters, books, magazines and memorabilia from the late 1950's through the early 1970's.

Other scheduled summer shows include receptions and works highlighting downtown artist Jane Dickson, West Coast artist Jody Uttal, filmmaker Jonas Mekas, Baron von Fancy, and Pat McCarthy of Satan Ceramics, whose visit to Boo-Hooray Summer Rental will make use of live pigeons, so you're probably going to want to watch the action unfold live.

Boo-Hooray Summer Rental will officially debut on Friday, May 26, and an opening reception for Vintage Surf Posters & Ephemera (1950's - 1970's) will be held on Saturday May 27 at 4 p.m.

Boo-Hooray Summer Rental is located at 805 Main Street in Montauk. For more information, visit www.boo-hooraysummerrental.com.

Nicole is the Editor-in-Chief of Hamptons.com where she focuses on lifestyle, nightlife, and mixology. She grew up in the Hamptons and currently resides in Water Mill. www.hamptons.com NicoleBarylski NicoleBarylski

Added: May 1, 2017, 11:25 am
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