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Montauk Chamber Of Commerce Raising Funds For Annual Summer Concert Series During Concert For The Concerts

Olivia Braat

Joe Delia and the Thieves features Joe Delia, Klyph Black, and Johnny Blood, with PJ Delia on backgrounds. (Photo: Chris Marksbury)

In an effort to fundraise for and promote the Montauk Chamber of Commerce's Summer Concert Series, three of the town's top bands are headlining the 9th annual Concert for the Concerts on Sunday, April 23. From 3 to 7 p.m., the Lynn Blue Band, Joe Delia and the Thieves, and The 3B's will take the stage at Zum Schneider Montauk for some unforgettable music.

"The Chamber's ability to provide a free summer concert series to our visitors and community alike depends on fundraising help such as this concert where the bands donate performances, Zum Schneider lends space and we collect a little admission from about one hundred attendees," shared Laraine Creegan, the Chamber's executive director. "The concerts are a win/win for our guests and the Montauk community, they show Montauk is hospitable to visitors so that they will return and contribute to our thriving tourism industry."

While the primary focus is fundraising for the summer's exciting collection of Concerts on the Green and the Harbor, the Chamber is also seeking businesses to sponsor the town's concerts. Concerts take place on Mondays on the Green, starting in June, and at Gosman's Dockside Stage on the Harbor on Sundays in July and August.

"We love doing the Concert for the Concerts every year," shared PJ Delia of Joe Delia and the Thieves. "It's literally a community and family event to make possible a summer of community and family events."

Along with outstanding music and endless dancing, Concert for the Concerts will feature a 50/50 raffle, a free kids' raffle, and authentic German food and beer.

The beloved summer concerts are an inexpensive, exciting way to spend an evening, and perhaps find a new favorite band. "On the East End, every year, all season, there are tons of events, almost all of them expensive and/or exclusive," she explained. "In contrast, Montauk Chamber has these free concerts outside in the fresh air for everyone all summer."

The complimentary performances are appreciated by all ages. "Little kids dance. Adults lounge. Couples flirt. The music floats pleasantly around the village," Delia noted. "Having a dance party with local bands is the natural way to fund that."

Delia notes that community events like the concert series are essential for the area. "Joe and Klyph and James and others do a lot of community gigs every year, including this one," she said. "This is how Montauk and the musicians that play here, rock."

Admission is $10 at the door for adults and free for kids.

Zum Schneider Montauk is located at 4 South Elmwood Avenue in Montauk. For more information, call 631-668-2428 or visit www.montaukchamber.com.

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