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Former Teacher Brings The Leff Etiquette Edge Children’s Workshop To East Hampton

Richard Lewin

Dale Ellen Leff greets participants. (Photo: Richard Lewin)

There is nobody more passionate about good manners and proper etiquette than Dale Ellen Leff. Her motto is "Be your best, at your best, at all times." As a person who acts on her beliefs, on Saturday, Dale invited ten boys and girls from East Hampton Schools, ages 11 to 16, to one of her "The Leff Etiquette Edge" Workshops in a private East Hampton home.

The children could not have been more enthusiastic about learning and participating in the traditions of proper table manners, table settings and etiquette. The atmosphere was a perfect blend of childhood fun with respectful attention to learning from former fifth grade teacher "Ms. Leff". Besides the table arrangement, the various styles of silverware usage, napkin rules and other proper behavior at a formal meal, many other traditions in social behavior were covered, including how to shake hands, how to make a proper introduction, and answer the phone.

The final discussion was about dealing with fire and health emergency situations, and the proper way to communicate on a phone call to "911". Work Sheets were provided by The American School of Protocol.

Added: March 21, 2017, 2:39 pm
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