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Bakithi Kumalo To Kick-Off Residency At East End Arts With Musicianís Workshop

Sydney A. Braat

Bakithi Kumalo will host several events during his residency. (Photo: Lenny Stucker)

East End Arts will host a special workshop for musicians with incoming artist-in-resident, Bakithi Kumalo, on Wednesday, January 25th, from 5 to 7 p.m. in the Carriage House, located behind the East End Arts School. Kumalo is an international musician and bass player for Paul Simon. Musicians are invited to join Kumalo for a three-hour adult workshop. It's a unique opportunity to learn from and play with one of the greatest musicians of our time.

This workshop is hands-on, so attendees should bring their instrument of choice.

"I am looking forward to helping the students work on tone, listen to each other, learn to work with each other, support one another," said Kumalo. "I want them to enjoy themselves. It's all about having fun!"†

Kumalo is a South African bassist, composer, and vocalist who has worked with Gloria Estefan, Herbie Hancock, Chaka Khan, Harry Belafonte, Cyndi Lauper, and Paul Simon. He has also been active as a solo artist having made four albums: 1998's San 'Bonan, 2000's In Front of My Eyes, 2008's Transmigration, and 2011's Change.

"I picked up the bass early and realized I could follow the groove of a tune with it," remarked Kumalo. "I could play the bass lines from a cappella music, and I learned how to develop lines based on the left-hand work of accordion players in the township bands."

Kumalo will be in residence at East End Arts from Tuesday, January 3rd through Saturday, February 11th. During his residency, Kumalo will present a workshop, as well as a film screening of Under African Skies - a documentary about Paul Simon, which he was featured in, and will also serve as the mentor for EEA Music Masters Mentorship program where high school students will learn from this talented professional musician.

Admission to the Musician's Workshop is $45 and advanced registration is required.

East End Arts School is located at 141 East Main Street in Riverhead. For more information, call 631-727-0900 or visit eastendartsorg.net.

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