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Adrian Grenier And Ralph Macchio Adopt From The Same East End-Based Animal Shelter

Nicole Barylski

Adrian Grenier adopted Lolly from Kent Animal Shelter. (Courtesy Photo)

Last month, actor Ralph Macchio, his wife Phyllis and the rest of their family visited Kent Animal Shelter, a private, not-for-profit humane society that provides a haven for homeless, abused and abandoned animals. During their time at the Calverton-based shelter, they fell in love with Oliver, a Yorkie, and decided that Oliver's search for a forever home was over.

"The Macchio family is thrilled with their new family member, Oliver, and Kent Animal Shelter is grateful to all of our supporters who helped to turn around the lives of these misfortunate animals," shared Pam Green of Kent Animal Shelter.

The adorable adoptee was one of six Yorkies that had been brought to the shelter in a deplorable condition. The pups had clearly been neglected and were in major need of medical care - all six dogs' fur was severely matted down to their skin and some of them even had urine burns. A few of the dogs had been neutered. Once at Kent, the dogs were nursed back to health and prepared for adoption.

And, that's not the only notable name who recently adopted a dog from Kent. In November of 2016, Entourage star Adrian Grenier stopped by the shelter where the animal advocate, actor environmentalist, musician and producer met Lolly, who was on the critical list at a high kill shelter in Texas. Lolly's future is a lot brighter nowadays thanks to her new owner, Grenier.

The Macchio family with Oliver. (Courtesy Photos)

"The greatest reward for those in the business of rescuing and caring for animals in crisis is to experience the joy of and happiness that is palpable when they go to their forever homes," shared Green.

In addition to providing its residents with shelter, Kent makes sure these animals are fed and receive veterinary care and adoption services. They save pets from inhumane circumstances such as puppy mills, hoarders, and overburdened municipal shelters, and each year they place hundreds of animals in loving and responsible homes - like the Macchio family. Additionally, Kent spays and neuters hundreds of animals at their low cost spay/neuter clinic.

To support the animal shelter's efforts and save even more lives, Kent Animal Shelter has created a Crowdrise page. To learn more, visit www.crowdrise.com.

Kent Animal Shelter is located at 2259 South River Road in Calverton. For more information, call 631-727-5731 or visit www.kentanimalshelter.com.

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