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Peconic Landing Donates Generous Gift To Greenport School District

Sydney A. Braat

The delivery of the generator to Greenport School District. (Courtesy Photo)

Peconic Landing in Greenport has repurposed its current set of generators and donated a gently used Kohler 230kw generator to the Greenport School District. The generator is estimated to be worth $20,000 and was used to power Peconic Landing's Health Center. The 15-year-old unit has less than 600 hours of recorded use. Peconic Landing utilized weekly, monthly, and annual maintenance schedules, which kept the unit in excellent condition.

"On behalf of the Greenport School community and the Board of Education, we are very grateful for this extremely generous donation for the health and safety of all of the students, staff, and local residents," said David Gamberg, Superintendent of Greenport Schools. "This clearly something that takes us to a whole other level of safety and we are very appreciative of Peconic Landing."

Peconic Landing will repurpose the second generator at Brecknock Hall, which serves as an evacuation site for local Eastern Long Island Hospital. During Hurricane Sandy, Peconic Landing helped shelter 70 neighbors from the greater community, including patients from Eastern Long Island Hospital who were cared for at Brecknock Hall.

"The school serves as an emergency evacuation center for the town, and this generator is going to enable critical areas to operate 24 hours a day in any given emergency," said Robert J. Syron, President and CEO of Peconic Landing. "Now it will be a more complete evacuation center. The addition of a generator will allow us to better serve our neighbors during emergency situations. Our members are proud to be able to enhance the safety and security of our North Fork natives during such times of need."

Added: January 3, 2017, 3:11 pm
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