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American Revolutionary War Reenactors Coming To The North Fork

Sydney A. Braat

Reenactors line up in preparation at Southold Historical Society's Museum Complex. (Photo: Andrew McClane)

Take a break from your busy, 21st century day and jump back to the year 1775. On Saturday, October 8th and Sunday, October 9th, spend the day with Revolutionary War patriot soldiers at the Southold Historical Society's Museum Complex as part of a Revolutionary War Encampment: The Third New York Regiment. This weekend will give you a chance to visualize all the history you learned about in school.

A living history encampment will be set up by the reenacts from the Third New York Regiment with everything soldiers would need to live on as they travelled to meet with General Washington and his troops.

"Visiting the encampment gives everyone a chance to be a part of 'living history,'" remarked Karen Lund, Director of Southold Historical Society. "Visitors can talk with the soldiers and find out what their lives were like and what they were thinking and feeling as they prepared to join the new army to fight for our freedom from Great Britain."

Andrew McClane heads the reenactors that will be featured at this weekend-long event.

Get a taste of what it was really like in the 18th century. (Photo: Andrew McClane)

"I believe the community should be excited to see us because it is a rare opportunity to experience an 18th century encampment from the American Revolutionary War," said McClane. "The people of Southold live in a modern community where historically a company of the 3rd New York Regiment was formed in 1775 under Captain Griffing." Interacting with the Third New York Regiment will give attendees a new perspective on East End history. "It is one thing to see a movie or read a book but it is entirely another to immerse oneself in person in a living, breathing, working encampment..... Especially in the area where it happened," he added. "This is local history!"

Visitors will also experience what it's like to live in the 18th century, with a chance to view demonstrations of firearms, military drills, authentic muse and song, cooking demonstrations and other daily tasks. The Complex will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday.

"Community members can best support the Southold Historical Society by participating in our events during the year," said Lund. "In turn, Southold Historical Society can support the community by providing varied experiences that honor our past, celebrate the present and prepare for the future."

This weekend-long experience is funded by the generosity of the Gardiner Foundation.

The Southold Historical Society is located at 54325 Route 25 in Southold. For more information, call 631-765-5500 or visit www.southoldhistoricalsociety.org.

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