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Model Nina Agdal And Trainer Akin Adman Present "Buick Envision Joy To Drive" At Hamptons Studio

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Nina Agdal and Trainer Akin Akman. (Photo: Matthew Eisman/Getty Images for Buick)

Trainer Akin Akman, along with model Nina Agdal - who is dating Leonardo DiCaprio - teamed up to design a stretching routine that is ideal for long drives. The moves can be seen in Buick Envision Joy to Drive, a video that features the first-ever Buick Envision, which premiered at the new Buick Studio Envision in East Hampton.

Attendees of the opening weekend - which took place on Friday, August 12th and Saturday, August 13th - watched firsthand as Agdal demonstrated the vital stretches. Guests could also partake in classes led by Tracy Anderson, sound baths with Carolyn Murphy, and much more. On Tuesday, August 16th, a screening of Buick Envision Joy to Drive was held.

"I travel a lot for work with much of it being long distance whether it be driving or flying and I know first-hand the value of making sure that pre and post journey I look after my body - stretching helps deliver that comfort that allows me to relax and make the journey a joy," explained Agdal.

Akman and Agdal created the routine to ensure that drivers are comfortable before and after long drives. "These moves were designed to support core strength and increase blood flow and heart rate to stimulate alertness which is helpful both pre and post long drive," said Akman.

The new Buick Studio, celebrating the release of the Buick Envision. (Photo: Matthew Eisman/Getty Images for Buick)

The duo's routine includes a neck stretch, eccentric upper body push up, eccentric lower body squat, and back mobility.

To watch the full video, visit youtube.com.

Added: August 18, 2016, 12:44 pm
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