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Paige Hospitality Group President Brian Mazza Shares His Insiderís Guide To The Hamptons

Nicole Barylski

Brian Mazza is the President of Paige Hospitality Group and also co-owns Windsor Custom. (Courtesy Photo)

As President of Paige Hospitality Group, Brian Mazza oversees the operations of The Ainsworth restaurants in New York and Las Vegas (another Ainsworth property will debut in Tribeca over the next couple of months), The Chester (located inside The Gansevoort), and Southampton Social Club. If you're looking to get a last minute reservation at the Hamptons hotspot during a weekend in the summer, he's the guy you want to know. Mazza also co-owns Windsor Custom, a bespoke men's clothing service based in New York, and was recently named a Lululemon ambassador.

We caught up with Mazza to learn more about his Hamptons go-to locales.

How often do you come out to the Hamptons?

BM: I've been working out there for the past ten summers, so I go every weekend.

When you're in the Hamptons, what does a typical day look like?

BM: My partner Matt Shendell and I have a house in Water Mill, so when I'm out there, we're usually out there with our wives. I get up very early, around 6 a.m. I'm up with the dogs, running around, and then I'll either go to Barry's Bootcamp or train at the high school in the morning, and then relax during the day; go into town in Southampton. Then, it's usually working on getting reservations in for the night, and then going to have dinner and hanging out at Southampton Social Club.

What are some of the places you absolutely have to go to while you're in the Hamptons?

BM: Obviously Southampton Social Club. Cowfish, it's one of the best, besides us. Tutto il Giorno, which is amazing as well. And Hampton Coffee.

What about shopping and places to hang out at?

BM: My wife loves to go to Bandier; she's always shopping there. We usually stay in South, so we go to J.Crew, Tenet, and she goes to Intermix a lot.

So Southampton is the village you tend to gravitate towards?

BM: We stay in South[ampton] because our business is in South[ampton]. We don't really go too far out east because everything we need is here.

What's something that you think visitors can't miss while they're out here?

BM: Sunset Beach. I think everyone should go to Sunset Beach at least once. Navy Beach is also great.

What do you think sets Southampton Social Club apart from other East End venues?

BM: We've been around for six summers. I believe our property is the best property out there, with the outdoor beer garden all the way in the back, and then the cabanas. So, I believe on a beautiful summer night with the stars sitting above everybody, this is the best property in the Hamptons.

What do you hope for the future of Southampton Social Club?

BM: I just hope that it stays busy and still offers a great product for everybody. As long as we can still do that, I really foresee us being there for a while.

For more information about Paige Hospitality Group, visit paigegroupny.com.

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