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Project MOST Students Exploring "The American Dream"

Sydney A. Braat

Project MOST has created art after posing a simple question to students. (Courtesy Photo)

Martha Stotzky, Education Director at Project MOST, has created an in-house video with Project MOST counselor, Franklin Quito. The video will be shown as part of The American Dream exhibit at 105 Newtown Lane, a space donated by neighbors, Mary's Marvelous, in East Hampton. Owners Pat McKibbin and wife, Mary Schoenlein are happy to contribute a space to the unique East Hampton-based after school program.

For McKibbin, his efforts are "fun-raising." To the surprise of many, the opening night of this exhibition had a full house!

During the video, Project MOST students' answer questions like: What does America mean to you? Their insightful responses are often unexpected. It also includes the sounds of These Are My Streets, a collaborative, song-writing project with local star, Inda Eaton.

If the eight minutes snippet isn't enough, visit ideastoinspire.org for the full video footage.

105 Newtown Lane will also feature visiting artist, Joyce Raimondo, who will exhibit work she accomplished with Project MOST children earlier this year. She is most well-known for being a children's art book author, artist, and Founding Director of Imagine That! Art Education. The work features posters that celebrate "The American Dream."

"My grandparents were poor Italian immigrants. My father always told me to get an education and live my dream of being an artist," explained Raimondo. "Public education started me on a life-long journey in the arts. Let's keep 'The American Dream' alive for young people today."

Project MOST teaches students to learn where their food comes from and how it is made. (Courtesy Photo)

The American Dream Project will be open through Saturday, October 1st. In addition, from Monday, July 25th through Labor Day, works from visiting artist Mark Perry will be featured at Eileen's Garden at Project MOST. On Thursday, September 8th, Project MOST will debut Child's Play, a fine art exhibition, at 105 Newtown Lane. Proceeds from the show will benefit Project MOST.

Project MOST is a 501c(3) organization that provides after school and summer learning opportunities for 400 children in Springs (kindergarten through 8th grade) and East Hampton (kindergarten through 5th grade). Project MOST also employs 45 high school and college students every year. The organization strives to make the tuition as affordable as possible. Tuition is $170 a month for 60 hours per month of programming. No child is left out of the programs due to finances.

Children are encouraged to spend time in nature and to learn where their food comes from, through organic gardening, cooking, and collaborations with local environmental organizations.

Students can enroll in Project MOST for a unique opportunity to engage with the young talents of our communities.

Project MOST is located at 811 Springs Fireplace Road in East Hampton. For more information, call 631-604-2777 or visit www.projectmost.com .

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