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New Social App Hits The Hamptons Summer Weekend Scene

Sydney A. Braat

Twist is the hot, new social app for the Hamptons. (Courtesy Photo)

Say "hello" to the Hamptons' hottest new social app, Twist App. Welcomed to the App Store this past weekend, Twist App gives Hamptonites opportunities to meet up with people at the most well-attended venues in the area.

Meet up with people at your favorite venues in the Hamptons. (Courtesy Photo)

So, how is Twist App different from Match or Bumble? Studies have shown only a minute 1 percent of people on dating apps actually meet up with the people they connect with. Twist App is hoping for 50 percent of their users to meet up, whether it be to expand your group of friends for the night or for a romantic fling. There are so many angles from which people can enjoy this app.

Here's how it works:

"Twist tells you different venues and events that are happening out in the Hamptons," said Founder Peter Kazickas. "When you join the events, you can see who's going and then you can filter for guys or girls. From there, you match with people like you would with a regular dating app. The idea is that with the dating apps that exist now, you're only meeting 1 percent of the time with your matches because it's very difficult to get out of the virtual world, but with this [Twist], you can only match with people that are going to the same event. We believe the meet-up conversion should be much higher."

Instead of aimlessly wandering through bars and clubs hoping to stumble upon the perfect person or group of people, plan ahead! Find out who is going to your desired venue and plan to meet up.

"We want to show you where the cool concerts are and who's playing, but we also want to connect everyone while you're at those venues," Kazickas explained.

>Twist tells you where the events are and who will be there. (Courtesy Photo)

The reason so many dating apps have not led to higher meet-up percentages could potentially be due to our reliance on technology and fear of person-to-person interaction. Twist App understands the benefits of initially meeting on a technological platform, but hopes to put that far behind after connecting with someone compatible.

"We're trying to get you to swipe less and meet more. You're only using the app on Fridays and Saturdays when you're going out to help you meet people. We don't need you on it all the time, just if you're looking to meet people," said Kazickas.

Twist App provides a certain amount of exclusivity to users, being that it's available solely in the Hamptons, as of now. Users are familiar and regulars at the venues provided, such as the Sloppy Tuna or the Stephen Talkhouse.

As for the question we've all been waiting for...why Twist? The answer is simple, yet so true: "We kept calling it a live-events app with a dating twist," said Kazickas.

The idea for Twist App was sparked at Kazickas' alma mater, Hamilton College. He entered his idea into an entrepreneurial competition. After graduating in 2015, Kazickas headed off to The Founder Institute's accelerator program in Silicon Valley, where he spent several months tweaking his idea and hearing from some of the most accomplished tech and start-up experts in the country. Kazickas recently returned home to Amagansett for the summer to kick-off Twist.

Kazickas, who's in his early twenties, can easily relate with those using Twist, making the experience that much more relatable. Twist is accessible, practical, local, and free. So, stop wasting your time on the weekends and start meeting up with compatible, like-minded individuals who are ready to have a great time.

To download the Twist App, visit apple.com.

Added: June 30, 2016, 11:16 am
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