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The Best Lobster Rolls On The East End

T.J. Clemente

Next time you go out, go for it, live in luxury and order a tasty lobster roll! (Photo: T.J. Clemente)

The warm brioche bun is of French pastry quality; the chilled lobster is marinated in some sort of mayonnaise sauce with chilled diced celery and others herbs and garnishments, the chunks of lobster overwhelm the bun. It's just so inviting with a first bite that never fails to deliver an "I am so glad I ordered this!" response in your mind as your taste buds absorb the magical sensations. Hello to the world of lobster rolls.

Sampling lobster rolls is a wonderful hobby. (Courtesy Photo)

For the last decade, I have lived on the East End of Long Island, and one of my hobbies is sampling lobster rolls. It is a wonderful hobby. For years, many folks always thought of lobster rolls as a luxury type of deal, but now, with the over $20 hamburger a staple all over the Hamptons, plucking down around $20 to $28 for a lobster roll is almost cost effective.

Here is a list of some of my favorite locations in the Hamptons to sample the wonderful world of the tastiest lobster rolls.

First on the list is Lunch, Lobster Roll Restaurant on the Napeague Stretch (Route 27) between Amagansett and Montauk. Anyone who is a fan of The Affair on Showtime knows of this place. I put it first not so much because of the quality but for the overall experience, something about having a lobster roll at a place called "The Lobster Roll!" There is no set price and they are offered hot and cold. It is mostly indoors, a good place to lunch on a rainy day.

The author at the Clam Bar. (Courtesy Photo)

Second is perhaps what I believe is the best lobster roll on the East End, but perhaps the most inaccessible because it is on Route 114 on Shelter Island, in the Dering Harbor section. I usually get to the "Marie Eiffel Market" by sailboat, but it is right across the gas station in Dering Harbor on North Ferry Road (114). Here, the lobster roll is on a French brioche of pastry quality and the mayonnaise based French based sauce is my favorite! Due to the location, their lobster roll is pricey at $28. However, you most likely will not be disappointed. The view of the Shelter Island Yacht Club and Dering Harbor from their outdoor back porch seating is world class.

Third on my list is the Clam Bar at Napeague, located almost right across from The Lobster Roll, again on the Nepaegue Stretch. They give a healthy portion and you sit either at the outdoor counter or fancy picnic table. A lobster roll with fries cost $25. They have a great selection of cold beers too.

The Dock House, on the Wharf in Sag Harbor, is forth on my list. This location reminds me of Tilly's, a place in Kennebunkport, Maine where believe it or not, I watched George Herbert Walker Bush's mother order a few lobster rolls to go, as the future President waited outside in his tennis clothes. At the Dock House, the lobster roll is served with two huge slices of tomato and a superior warm and tasty bun. It is priced at $19.95! Note: the view from the seats inside the Dock House of the multi-million dollar yachts of Sag Harbor is amazing!

Number five on my list is The Surf Lodge in Montauk, located down by the LIRR train station. I love seeing the "scene" while having their lobster roll on a wonderful home-made warm bun, all for only $21.

Lobster roll with a view. (Courtesy Photo)

Beware! Also in Montauk, a lobster roll at the 668 Gig Shack is priced at $34.

Other notables include Claudio's in Greenport Village on the North Fork, which has a nice lobster roll (I sail there and I like them), for only $19.95. Right nearby Claudio's, on the dock behind Preston's Marine Store, is Scrimshaw that has a $28 lobster lunch platter and maybe the best French rolls ever! In Hampton Bays, I have had lobster rolls at Oaklands and Sunday's on the Bay; they were also very good and under $25.

However, Flo's in Blue Point has amazing lobster rolls that come with fries, for only $14.95!

So next time you go out, go for it, live in luxury and order a tasty lobster roll!

Added: June 21, 2016, 11:11 am
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