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Godís Love We Deliver Midsummer Night Drinks: Elegant Evening For A Most Worthy Cause

David Monn, Walter Sternlieb, Kitty McCoy, Ali Slatkin, Scott Nelson and Alex Papachristidis. (Photo: Eileen Casey)

Stephen Covello, Manager for Corporate Partnerships for God's Love We Deliver (GLWD), recently celebrated his one-year wedding anniversary with husband Tao, who recently passed the bar and is now an attorney. In the midst of their personal celebrations, Covello's primary focus is keeping attention and awareness on the worthy work that GLWD achieves on a daily basis.

According to Covello, The GLWD 16th Annual Midsummer Night Drinks, held on Saturday, June 18th, is the "Final of our four major annual events as our fiscal year ends in June, and this is the only one held here in the Hamptons."

The mission of GLWD, the New York metropolitan area's primary provider of life-sustaining meals and nutrition counseling for people living with severe illnesses, began as an HIV/AIDS service organization, and currently provides for people living with more than 200 individual diagnoses, all provided free of charge. The organization serves all five boroughs of New York City, Westchester and Nassau Counties, and Newark and Hudson County, New Jersey.

GLWD's Karen Pearl, Jan Figueira, Pat McCarthy and Valerie McCarthy. (Photo: Eileen Casey)

GLWD President and CEO, Karen Pearl, gratefully advised, "We hope everyone has a great time, and maybe walks away even more aware and committed to exactly what we do, as well as understands how it works, as that is vital to our growth which is exponential to our needs, and we need everyone's help."

Covello further relayed, "More than 6,200 nutritious meals are delivered directly to the client's home each weekday by approximately 10,000 volunteers. Two weeks ago, we delivered our 18th million meal since we were founded in 1985." Each dish is specially tailored for the client by one of GLWD Registered Dietitians, and all clients have access to unlimited nutrition counseling. The organization also assists families by offering meals for the children and senior caregivers of its clients. Covello also indicated that "Approximately 90 percent of our clients live below the poverty level, and about 32 percent of our clients are suffering from HIV related illnesses."

Emmett Findley, Manager of Communications, who has been with the organization for eight years, enthusiastically revealed, "We are simply thrilled to be here in the Hamptons at this beautiful home, and cannot express our appreciation enough to our hosts who have opened their home to raise support and awareness."

Stephen and Tao Covello with GLWD Manager of Communications Emmett Findley. (Photo: Eileen Casey)

This wonderful and important evening was hosted by Ophelia and Bill Rudin and Alex Papachristdis and Scott Nelson at their majestic home in Bridgehampton. With a breathtaking location, delectable tidbits and tasty drinks, along with an exciting raffle, committed guests and fun music, and given the recent senseless and horrific tragedy in Orlando, GLWD's staff and volunteers, along with those gracious enough to open their homes, wallets and hearts elegantly yet profoundly reminds us that caring about any and all human beings is both critical and crucial to our survival and should inspire us all to come together.

For more information on GLWD, visit www.glwd.org.

Eileen Casey spent many years working in the television and music industries in New York City on the "ABC In Concert" weekly series, as well as several prime time network and cable television specials. An award-winning journalist, editor, and artist, and former Editor-in-Chief of Hamptons.com, she enjoys staying warm in Charleston and cool in the Hamptons.

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