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Yes Way Rose’s Nikki Huganir And Erica Blumenthal Talk About The Sip Of The Season

Nicole Barylski

Nikki Huganir and Erica Blumenthal. (Photo: Sara Kerens)

If you're like us when summer rolls around we're all about the rosé. With the season of rosé basically here, we asked Yes Way Rosé's Nikki Huganir and Erica Blumenthal, who partnered with WINC again for the second iteration of their wine label Summer Water, for a few tips on how to have the ultimate rosé experience. Their inaugural 2014 vintage of Summer Water, which was released on Memorial Day of last year, sold out in just 4 weeks, so they're a pretty good source.

Tips and Tricks on how to Enjoy Summer Water:

They say to keep it casual: We're far from pretentious about how we drink rosé. We like to drink it out of tumblers and water glasses by the pool and compostable Susty party cups when we have a big party or tasting. It's really all about finding that high-low balance. If you're chilling on a friends rooftop, jazz it up with a nice wine glass.

Make sure to stock up on your favorites: At the best parties the wine never stops flowing. Rosé is light and goes down super easy, so make sure to have extra or buy magnums! The worst thing that could happen is you have some left over, and that's actually the best possible situation.

Chill it up: Make sure to keep Summer Water (and any rosé) very chilled before drinking! Having a cold glass of pale pink wine is a refreshing and beautiful experience.

It's 11 a.m. somewhere: Why wait until 5 pm to drink Summer Water? Over the weekend if you're gardening or by the beach it's super lovely to have a glass in the morning. We're not exactly talking about a Manhattan here.

Don't be afraid of unexpected pairings: Consider wine like beer and anytime someone is cracking open a cold one it's cool to open a bottle instead. We love Summer Water for BBQ's, outdoor concerts, and laid back pizza parties with friends and think it's just as good with avocado toast as it is with a lobster roll. Rosé also pairs perfectly with weddings! Swap one of the traditional red/white/champagne offerings for rosé. This has been a huge hit at every wedding we've been to where rosé was served.

Ice Ice Bébé: What's the best way to keep a glass of rosé chilled? With rosé ice cubes, of course! Pour some Summer Water in an ice tray (it becomes a slushy-solid consistency) and pour more on top. This is summer at it's best.

For more information about Yes Way Rosé, visit yeswayrose.com.

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