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New Spring Show At Sag Harbor Gallery Features Six Distinctive Styles

Nicole Barylski

"Dune Road" by Martha McAleer and "Sevillana" by Lianne Alcon.

Romany Kramoris Gallery is set to debut a diverse group of talented artists in its latest exhibit, a group show featuring Lianne Alcon, Berges Alvarez, Casey Chalem Anderson, Jennifer Levine, Martha McAleer, and Sherry Pollack Walker. Opening Thursday, April 14th, the show will be on display through Thursday, May 5th.

"View from the Bridge" by Casey Chalem Anderson.

Alcon, who was born in Spain and now resides in Sag Harbor, is an expressionistic painter. She finds inspiration in her native country and uses twirling strokes and copious use of her brushes to uniquely portray her subjects.

Alvarez uses recycled man-made reflective materials to show a genuine concern for our exceptional planet, "soundless landscapes" of oceans, open skies and mountains. His panoramas exemplify how forgotten beauty can be salvaged and turned into something worth keeping.

Chalem Anderson uses local landscapes as a muse for her oil paintings. Calling Sag Harbor and New York City her home base, she easily translates the tranquil background the changing seasons provide in seascapes. Her art often reflects her surroundings, whether it be a quiet beach or the hustle and bustle of Manhattan.

Levine sees her work as a continuation of her personal life force. "Most of my artworks are created on wood. I live in a pre-war building on the main business district in town and scour our basement and neighborhood dumpsters for recycled surfaces on which to create my work," she explained. "In the past year, I've used 50 bottles from a local bar, five window frames from the street, three wood desks from my apartment basement and countless wood planks from all over the neighborhood. I find the energy emitted from a discarded "canvas" speaks to me with a louder voice than one I buy new." She tries to establish "the missing piece" to connect the viewer with the simplicity of daily happenings. "I work with a large supply of collage elements, almost all of which are family documents," she added. "My grandfather Manny Levine's discarded stamp collection, my other grandfather Anton Rolland's sheet music, as well as letters and postcards saved from my own life and travels."

McAleer views the world around her as an ever evolving backdrop, and is captivated by nature and its mechanics. "I adored Georgia O'Keefe's work and was inspired to create my own style and began painting and selling very large colorful florals. I love to paint just large enough for the painting to consume my field of vision," noted McAleer. "Today I work primarily on canvas with acrylic paint and plaster. I build my paintings systematically as a sculptor of architecture."

"In The Company of Love" by Jennifer Levine.

Pollack Walker focuses on the human body, often capturing body builders, weightlifters, and boxers in unexpected pastels and graphite. The California resident visits New York frequently to participate in the Art Students League of New York and sits on the Board of Directors of the Pacific Art Foundation in Orange County, CA.

An opening reception will take place on Saturday, April 16th from 4 to 5:30 p.m.

Romany Kramoris Gallery is located at 41 Main Street in Sag Harbor. For more information, call 631-725-2499 or visit kramorisgallery.com.

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