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"You And Me:" Montauk Local Makes A Hit Movie

T.J. Clemente

Taylor Montemarano and Lorenzo DeCampos. (Courtesy Photo)

There is no perfect love story - or perfect person - the true beauty comes from finding someone who loves you for your imperfections and who you really are. With this premise, Taylor Montemarano (Monte) of Montauk and Lorenzo DeCampos have collaborated and crystalized the many complicated angles of this statement in their new documentary movie: You and Me. I was amazed to find out that Taylor and Lorenzo co-wrote, co-directed, co-shot and co-edited this documentary movie.

Kate Miller, Shaylee Gomes, David Miller, Michael Lawrence, Taylor Montemarano and Lorenzo DeCampos. (Courtesy Photo)

Many on the East End of Long Island know Taylor Monte from hanging out at the Ditch Plains Beach surfing scene. Taylor, by being an actual Montauk local along with being the daughter of Gurney's Inn "all around great guy" Paul Monte, has been able to see, know and understand the many layers and levels of the fabric of American Society. Her family (the Monte family) is often referred to as "the first family of Montauk." The Monte's have been the official greeters, and keepers of all who have ever visited Montauk. From Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, to Beatles Paul McCartney, Yankees' Derek Jeter, while also hosting many film festival events with all the top film stars.

While Taylor attended the acclaimed Ross School in East Hampton, she was exposed to the school's expert filmmaking equipment. Then while attending Quinnipiac University, her skills were fine-tuned and it was there she met the gifted Lorenzo DeCampos. When informed Taylor and Lorenzo had created a "winner film," I decided to do the research. Here are the facts. The movie started out as the usual underfunded college project but then grew into an effort worthy of a feature segment on "60 Minutes" in Australia. Now the film has a syndicated distribution plan that makes it ineligible for the Hamptons International Film Festival, but Taylor said in a phone interview that they are trying to get a Hamptons screening after the April 26th release date.

The story of You and Me took place in Australia and thus the documentary was filmed there, which was no easy feat for the two underfunded filmmakers. Yet somehow the money was raised and the project completed. The documentary film grew and became more than just a college project, it became an inspiration to all who watched it as it matured to what it is now, an international phenomenon.

Here is a synopsis of the film: active, life loving David "Barney" Miller was a passenger in a tragic car accident that left him a quadriplegic, unable to use his arms and legs again.

When the initial shock dissipates and the reality of his situation sinks in, Barney enters a dark time of his life, but a chance encounter with Kathryn "Kate" Southwell, a girl who is trying to start a new life and escape a painful past, coupled with a friendship that is forged with surfing legend and World Champion Mick Fanning takes Barney on a new journey to do what the doctors have told him is impossible.

He makes it his mission to kneel when he proposes to his soul mate Kate, stand at the altar and dance with her as husband and wife.

The film is an emotionally uplifting portrayal of the power of unconditional love in times of adversity and how the life you dream can overcome the obstacles you face, especially with the support of good friends and loved ones.

You and Me is a new American/ Australian co-pro feature documentary, which will have its Australian/NZ theatrical cinema release on April 26th before its international release on RedBull TV. This incredibly inspiring true story is about finding yourself through "the struggle of life and the power of love."

The Australian creative team includes Michael Lawrence, producer of the incredibly successful Bra Boys, narrated by Russell Crowe, and Fighting Fear, narrated by Joel Edgerton (Winner of 2 AACTAs - Australian Oscars), and head of Australian's leading studio for Action/ Adventure Sports - Garage Entertainment.

For more information, visit www.youandmethemovie.com.

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