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Paris In The Springtime: Eat, Drink, Shop And Show Support

Lee Fryd

Gerard Mulot, a famous French bakery, was located just two blocks away. (Photo: Lee Fryd)

A remembrance of the recent attacks in the 10th. (Photo: Lee Fryd)

Paris may be the safest place to visit right now. Tourism is down. Security is up. And the terrorists are threatening other cities.

Those handsome soldiers guarding the monuments: ooh la la! Opening our bags at museums and department stores: comforting. Shop keepers thanking us for coming to Paris: THAT was scary.

For all of you who superimposed the French flag on your Facebook profiles consider Paris in the springtime. Once, Lafayette came to our aid. Return the favor at Galleries Lafayette.

Where to stay? Hotels are so turn of the century. We checked into one and checked out. For less money, we got four times the space, and the joy of savoring our soy lattes in our own Parisian apartment.

Pierre A Guedj was our secret weapon. The charming Frenchman manages a slew of newly renovated, well located and beautifully appointed flats. He steered us to a one bedroom in the tony neighborhood between the legendary cafes and boutiques on St Germain and the Eglise Saint Supice. We quickly felt at home in Paris in a way we had never felt before.

The flat had a spacious living area. (Photo: Lee Fryd)

Walking home past quintessential Parisian cafes with patrons filling the sidewalk and turning the corner past "our" liquor store, to the quiet street that we "lived" in, was a joy. There was a taxi stand and Metro stop two blocks away. But, we walked to the Luxembourg Gardens, the Louvre, Picasso Museum, Bon Marche, and much more. We can still taste the Thai chicken and Middle Eastern goodies and produce from the nearby farmers market. After a few long days, it didn't hurt to have free International long distance, English TV stations and laundry to come home to.

It's never been easier to show solidarity to our chicest allies. Eat, drink and shop in Paris: It's the kind of battle we know how to wage.

Pierre A Guedj welcomes us to our Paris flat. (Courtesy Photo)

To contact Pierre for more information about the many apartments he manages, email guedjpierre@hotmail.com. To book the apartment we stayed in, visit www.vrbo.com.

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