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Polar Expedition Company Adds Galapagos Islands Excursions To 2016 Adventures

Nicole Barylski

A frigate bird. (Courtesy Photo)

Quark Expeditions, the world's leading polar expedition company, recently announced that they've added two Galapagos Islands itineraries and small exploration boat expeditions to Antarctica and Falklands aboard Hans Hansson to its 2016 offerings, as part of the Explorers' Collection.

"Our new Galapagos Islands and Hans Hansson itineraries fulfill our guests' cravings for what they look forward to on a Quark expedition - small ship exploration, unique and remote destinations, and ample wildlife viewing opportunities," said Andrew White, Quark Expeditions President. "We're excited to offer these once in a lifetime expeditions to incredibly diverse and stunning Galapagos, Falklands and Antarctica."

The intimate Galapagos cruises, which feature veteran Quark guides, are aboard the small expedition ship, Evolution. Options include:

 • Galapagos Expedition:Darwin's Playground, Central and North. This 10-day voyage showcases the avian wonders of Genovesa Island before heading to volcanic islands by Zodiac, and touring the famed Charles Darwin Research Center and Black Turtle Cove mangroves.

A guest gets up close and personal with a sea lion. (Courtesy Photo)

 • Galapagos Expedition: Darwin's Playground, Far West. Another 10-day journey, this trip will explore Galapagos inner islands, as well as more isolated outer areas, including Isabela Island, Bartolomé, Santiago Island, Bachas Beach and Dragon Hill on Santa Cruz Island, San Cristóbal Island and Espaņola Island, the southernmost island in the archipelago. Animal lovers will adore the chance to see nesting iguana, baby tortoise, flightless cormorants and other species that call the Galapagos Islands home.

 • Galapagos and Antarctica: Equator to Pole. This unparalleled adventure mixes the beauty of the Galapagos Islands with a classic Antarctic Explorer quest. For 21 days, you'll journey from the volcanic islands of the world's most biodiverse archipelago, to Buenos Aires and Ushuaia, Argentina, across the renowned Drake Passage through to the Antarctic Peninsula. Passengers will enjoy diverse outings, such as snorkeling with sea lions, marine iguanas and massive sea turtles and watching thousands of penguins preening in Antarctica.

Travelers will have the chance to explore the world's most biodiverse archipelago. (Courtesy Photo)

If you're looking for a more intimate voyage, the Hans Hansson, a 12-passenger small exploration boat, is your best bet. Guests will journey to the Southern Ocean's most remote coves, inlets and havens of the Falklands and Antarctic Peninsula. Options include:

 • Intimate Falklands: Bespoke Expedition. This 17-day cruise highlights the plentiful wildlife and a rugged, picturesque background. In the East and West Falklands, islands are filled with small birds, Magellanic penguins, elephant seals, southern sea lions, southern giant petrel, and more exceptional species. Throughout the vacation, travelers will explore the area's historical and environmentally significant landings.

 • Uncharted Antarctica: Bespoke Expedition. During a longer 19 day getaway, passengers will get up close and personal with penguins, soaring seabirds, whales and barking seals. The group's smaller size allows for more flexible shore visits to discover white sand beaches, immense open spaces and stunning vistas.

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