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Seamless Transitions In The Hamptons

Pergolas can provide many of the same features of a pavilion. (Photo: CP Complete, Stacy Wickham Photography)

The blurred lines between indoor and outdoor living continue to be a trend in the Hamptons and on the North Fork. Pavilions are all the rage at the moment. The roofed structures with columns and no walls (on either three sides or all four sides) are currently the most popular extension of indoor living transitioning to the outdoors. In a well-designed pavilion, you are protected from the sun and the rain, and you can enjoy views of your landscape, your pool, and your home.

Pavilions allow for plenty of space for an outdoor fireplace, sitting and dining areas, an enclosed bathroom, changing area, storage space, a sauna, and a room for your swimming pool equipment. The comforts of audio and video components (and climate control) are easily integrated into the design.

The practical functionality and the customized design that blends seamlessly with your home architecture create the perfect combination. Pergolas, which are defined as a structure usually consisting of parallel colonnades supporting an open roof of girders and cross rafters, has the primary difference from a pavilion in that it has an open roof.

Cool nights in Mattituck are a bit warmer under the pergola. (Photo: CP Complete, Stacy Wickham Photography)

Pergolas can provide many of the same features of a pavilion, including an outdoor cooking space. Outdoor kitchens have become more elaborate in their function, while incorporating the design and the proper spatial relation to the home and outdoor structure. It is now common for these kitchens to have more than one grill, a pizza oven, a refrigerator, ice maker, a fully functional sink, and ample counter space.

At the end of the Hamptons summer season, we have heard some terrific stories of great parties, family gatherings, or simply relaxing days spent in pavilions and pergolas. I've already begun the countdown to next summer, when newly designed pavilions can be the home of new memories.

Chris Hall is a partner at CP Complete, a landscape design and construction company. He has been a luxury gunite pool and landscape consultant for over thirty years and shares his observations and advice each month on Hamptons.com. cpcomplete.com

Added: September 10, 2015, 2:06 pm
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