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Birthday Cake And A Visit From The Fire Department: Space 16s Daniela Zahradnikova Holds "Surprise" Bash For Sara Herbert Galloway

Lee Fryd

Gallery owner Daniela Zahradnikova and Sara Herbert-Galloway. (Photo: Steve Mack/Getty Images for Space 16)

Sara Herbert Galloway's birthday party had a surprise element just not the kind the hostess, Space 16's Daniela Zahradnikova, had in mind. Sure, there were lots of bells and whistles to summon the fire department, that is. And it all ended up on Page 6.

The vibrant sculpture of Peter Reginato juxtaposed with an original design at Space 16, the backdrop to Sara Herbert Galloway's surprise birthday bash.. (Photo: Lee Fryd)

Daniela regularly hosts soirees in her Soho and Southampton Spaces, fulcrums for art, fashion and philanthropy. She decided to combine a show of Victor de Souza's latest couture pieces with a surprise party for Sara. But, she hit the wrong button while on a call to Sara, and instead of being put on hold, Sara was put on speaker and heard the party plans.

Daniela still had more up her sleeve: Cognac Wellerlane brought opera great Cristina Fontanelli to surprise Sara with a world class rendering of Happy Birthday. The caterers had all brought sparklers. Cue the opera singer, the sparklers, the smoke and the fire alarm -that just wouldn't stop. With smoke filling the room and the siren blaring, the party moved to the sidewalk on Job's Lane. Some stayed. Some left. Through the smoke and noise, the Jazz band, music by David O'neal AKA The Chozen-One, played on.

Most parties would have been over, and Sara's certainly had waned. But, a good part of the group returned, and then, a whole new wave of revelers gave the party a second life. The Le Chapitre Brut Rose champagne from Wine Source flowed. Magician Kevin Nicholas entertained the group. Then Galaxy Girl, DJ Jeannette Claudine Romeu took to the keyboards. "She let it rip," said Sara, "and had everyone dancing." Five hours later, the group convened at James and Kedakai Lipton's table at Parmigiana.

Besides the Liptons, here are a few of the bold faces that helped Sara celebrate: Robin Cofer, Larry Wohl, Leesa Rowland, Jane and Joe Pontarelli, Manuela Goren, Animal dovecote Riki Shaw, Lisa Herbert, Artist Kevin Berlin, Amy Treitel, Camille Knoll, Lee Mellis, Rolf Heitmeyer and Les Feldman, whose wife Katarina's Lezly Designs were on sale in the store.

David Nadel, Alana Galloway, Sara Herbert-Galloway, Kevin Berlin, Daniela Zahradnikova and Ryan McDermott. (Photo: Steve Mack/Getty Images for Space 16)

Artwork included the sculptures of Judith Unger and Peter Reginato, a sculptor we have followed for many years. We've been a fan of his since our early days as an Art History Major living in Soho, we remarked. "I dated him in the 70s," a beautiful woman who heard me gushed. "What a charming guy." Another surprise. That's the kind of party it was.

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