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Animal Rescue Fund Of The Hamptons Holds Annual Designer Showhouse

Lee Fryd

Interior Designers Kevin Hart, Jamie Drake, Mark Schryver, Peri Wolfson, Tamara Magel, Brian Brady, and Franco Biscardi. (Photo: Rob Rich/SocietyAllure.com)

The Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons (ARF) didn't seem to mind the serious competition the furniture for sale at their 5th Annual ARF Designer Showhouse had. Sure, supporters were buying the beautiful pieces on sale at the ARF Thrift Shop. But, they were finding the pets strolling on the end of volunteer leashes even more enticing. There is just something about looking in a dog's eyes. Rescue pit bull owners Martin Shafiroff found wife Jean in the middle of a purchase to show her a pretty pooch. The dog was taken, but the lamp Jean fell in love with made it home.

Jean Shafiroff and Martin Shafiroff. (Photo: Rob Rich/SocietyAllure.com)

"We adopt out close to 1,500 dogs a year," Board President Lisa McCarthy told Hamptons.com of the center by the East Hampton Airport. "Because we exist, the Town of East Hampton has not had to euthanize any animals in ten years. Our animals sit on 22 acres donated in the 1970s. We have 27 people on staff, including a full time vet. So, when a dog comes to us, not only do they have a temporary home before they find their loving, forever home, but they also get medical care, nutrition, and treatment for any problems that they have, because we always put a healthy dog out into the community."

Designers Brian P. Brady, Jamie Drake, Kevin Hart, Tamara Magel, Mark Schryver, and Peri Wolfman were behind this year's rooms. Gordon Hoppe, Gigi Mahon, Sandra McConnell and Jeff Pfeile chaired. Co-chairs included Peter Hallock, Lisa McCarthy and Marshall Watson. Jorge Bendersky ("DIY Dog Grooming, From Puppy to Best in Show: Everything You Need to Know, Step by Step") was also on hand.

Jamie Drake took on the carriage house this year, building his decor around a chocolate brown Turkish sofa and calling the room a "Turkish Delight." "It has a feeling of being on vacation in exotic places," he told us.

A few of the items for sale at the ARF Thrift Shop in Wainscott. (Photo: Rob Rich/SocietyAllure.com)

"It's an incredible board and staff," shared McCarthy about ARF. "Very engaged and really dedicated to in animal welfare in this country. This country euthanizes 9,000 dogs a day, four million a year. We try to do our little part in the world to save them."

"There's always a $300,000 gap every year, so events like this help," McCathy said. Their big gala, the Bow Wow Meow Ball on Saturday, August 15th, will honor star architect, Peter Marino. "He's adopted two cats from us and underwrote all of our dog runs in the back of the shelter. He's a good ambassador for us and he was so sweet to accept he honor."

Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons is located at 90 Daniels Hole Road in Wainscott. For more information, call 631-537-0400 or visit www.arfhamptons.org.

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