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Scully & Scully Celebrates Fund For Park Avenue Tulips

Lee Fryd

Jo-Ann Polise, Bunny Williams, and Barbara McLaughlin. (Photo: Annie Watt)

Did anyone else shop for Easter flowers in the snow? No worries, the Park Avenue tulips a spray of coral will make us feel especially warm this spring. The Fund for Park Avenue, which privately supports the iconic malls from 54th to 86th Streets, planted the Darwin Hybrid Ad Rem this year. "Because coral is the traditional gift for a 35th anniversary, and the Fund is turning 35," explained Fund President Barbara McLaughlin told Hamptons.com. To celebrate, Scully & Scully donates all sales from their yearly party, asking the social lionesses who shop there to design tables from the fine crystal and china they purvey. It's quite gorgeous.

Jamee Gregory and Michael Scully. (Photo: Annie Watt)

Old Southampton was the theme of the table Georgina Schaeffer and Leslie Banker, who grew up here, designed. Bunny Williams was on hand signing her latest coffee table tome, "Haute Garden Style." "It's not about growing things," she told us. "It's about garden design. Whether it's a tiny plot or a big garden, your garden needs to connect to your house. If you have a contemporary house you should have a contemporary garden. So, it's about getting people to find your style in gardening just as you do your style in decoration."

Barbara McLaughlin certainly has her fashion style defined, by her husband's eponymous stores. "It's always preppy, fun and fresh," she says of J.McLaughlin. "But, I'm an end user. I just wear it and I'm wearing a lot of it tonight." She sported a coral themed belt and scarf from J.McLaughlin.

For all those who'd like to bring one more touch of Park Avenue to the Hamptons, consider the annual Tulip Day. "It's a pretty popular tradition," Barbara said. "There's a five day period, including a weekend, after the tulips have ceased to bloom, that we allow people to come out and dig them out. We give instructions on how to store them properly, because if done so, they often come back."

"That is, if the deer don't get them first," laughed Media Trainer Jeannette Hektoen, who blames the critters for her bare earth. That won't stop her from bringing back more for next year... and deer repellant.

For more information, visit www.fundforparkavenue.org.

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