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Animal Zone Honors Philanthropist Jean Shafiroff For Her Southampton Animal Shelter Work

Lee Fryd

Kipton Cronkite, Jean Shafiroff, and Christine Schott Ledes. (Photo: Ronald Riqueros/PatrickMcMullan.com)

Not every locality shares the devotion to animal welfare that we do in the Hamptons. But, thanks to the union of social and media figures, recently married Christine Schott and George Ledes, Hamptonites rallied to help the animals of the Greek Island of Amogos at a benefit Chaired by George's brother, Richard Ledes, at Thalassa in TriBeCa.

Paola Mieli and Richard Ledes. (Photo: Ronald Riqueros/PatrickMcMullan.com)

Jean Shafiroff, whose devotion to animals is evident in the charities she supports, as well as the rescue dogs she has taken in, was honored for her work for the Southampton Animal Shelter.

Animal Zone President Paola Mieli flew in, to present a slide show documenting the terrible conditions there: skeletal cats and shackled donkeys, among other cruel practices. Animal Zone not only provides veterinary care, and ships rescues to homes in Europe, but seeks to educate children to love and appreciate these creatures and their souls. A local Monastery has provided a piece of land to house the animals until a more permanent community park with space for the rescues is created.

"The animals are an extension of ourselves," Shafiroff told the group. "When we treat an animal well, it's like treating another human being well. It's all a question of education. Here in the United States there are many, many groups working with animals. I'm so happy to see what you're doing, Richard and Paola, in Greece because you serve as role models for the rest of your country, for Europe and for the world."

Byron Hero, Jackie Norden, Raymond Fitzmartin, Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin, and Cole Rumbough. (Photo: Ronald Riqueros/PatrickMcMullan.com)

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