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Lexington Company Paves Way For Fall in the Hamptons

Jack Sullivan

Some Lexington Co. looks for fall for men and women (Courtesy Photos)

Fall is only second to summer in the Hamptons because you need a sweatshirt, an electric blanket, and perhaps treatment for hypothermia after your swim at Main Beach. However, the beauty of fall significantly overwhelms summer's. Changing leaves, pumpkin picking, crowding around outdoor fires, and sweater weather are just a few of the reasons why we, at Hamptons.com, love fall.

A cozy fall look by Lexington (Courtesy Photo)

It just so happens that the folks at Lexington Company, which has made quite a splash in the Hamptons the last few summers, agree with us. "I really love it when the fall season finally arrives," commented Kristina Lindhe, Creative Director of Lexington Company. "I believe this is the season when fashion is given the most opportunities… It's invariably the season when you can simply add a small detail and you immediately feel more chic. Layer upon layer is an old trick, and it always works."

Lexington keeps to tradition creating classic knits, dresses, shirts, tweed blazers, and outerwear. These garments allow for a plethora of fashionable fall outfits that fall in line with Hamptons' chic. Like style pro, Kristina Lindhe, says, layering is key in fall fashion. Vests, sweaters, and button downs are all essential components in fall outfitting.

For women, Lexington has chunky knits made of quality material for which Lexington is known. Men have versatile options like down vests, sweaters, chinos, and jeans. Lexington will introduce this season a new outerwear garment that will serve as THE transitional piece in your wardrobe. The light down jacket is a step down from a heavy parka but a step up from a quilted jacket.

"I am one who falls in love with fall. You could call me a bit of a 'fool for fall,' but I really love the colors and the possibilities of creating something with all the different materials and pieces for the season. Lexington has a great deal of inspiring news for this coming Fall/Winter season," says Kristina Lindhe, Creative Director of Lexington.

More fall looks (Courtesy Photos)

Lexington boasts that this fall's colors are found within the season—pumpkin, green, beetroot red, merlot, pink, beige, and grey. However, the classic colors like blue, white, and red are still essential to fall looks.

Lexington Company has two Hamptons locations. You can shop the fall collection in East Hampton at 73 Main Street and in Southampton at 46 Main Street.

For more information and to shop online, visit www.lexingtoncompany.com.

Added: August 26, 2014, 12:30 pm
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