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Get A Safe Glowing Tan This Summer

Nicola Mar

Summer is finally here and we all want to look our best on the Hamptons beaches. If you're like me, you love being as tan as possible. Tan skin hides flaws and boosts our confidence, not to mention gives us that bronze goddess look. We have known for years that burns from the sun cause wrinkles, peeling skin, and worse, skin cancer. A quick solution seemed to be getting that sun-kissed tan look in a tanning bed, especially for a base tan before we hit the beaches.

But, last week the Food and Drug Administration released an order requiring manufacturers of tanning beds to post warnings on their machines that teens under 18 should not use the devices. The new warnings come after the discovery that the lamps emit UV radiation that may cause skin cancer. More young people are being diagnosed with melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. Studies have also found an excess amount of vitamin D in the bodies of people who visit tanning beds regularly. High levels of vitamin D in the body can be very damaging to our muscles and bones, and cause a variety of other health problems.

Before you panic that your skin will remain pale throughout the summer, consider these options. Spray tans are still considered safe, and they provide a quick, easy way to get a deep tan. The only problem I have found with spray tans is that they fade quickly from your face. Most of us wash our face twice a day, as well as slather on moisturizers, serums, makeup, and a whole lot of other products that can diminish our tan. That's why we have our trusty makeup manufacturers to take care of us.

It's still important to wear sunscreen under our makeup, or better yet, wear makeup that contains sunscreen. Here are my favorites:

1. Chanel Mat Lumiere Long Lasting Luminious Matte Fluid Make Up SPF 15
2. Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15
3. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Glow Sheers SPF 30
4. Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20
5. Hourglass Cosmetics Illusion Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free SFP 15

If you prefer to stay tan without wearing makeup, most spray tanning salons offer facial tans for a cheap price. If your facial tan disappears as quickly as mine, you can supplement with two facial tans for every full body tan. But still wear your facial sunscreen daily!

Find these picks and other great bronzers in the Hamptons at White's Pharmacy (81 Main Street, East Hampton), Ricky's NYC (50 Main Street, East Hampton), Macy's (190 W. Montauk Highway, Hampton Bays), and Sephora (www.sephora.com).

Nicola Mar is an author, model, and conscious living advocate. She grew up in St. Maarten and currently lives in NYC. missmar nicolamar nicolamar

Added: June 13, 2014, 10:32 am
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