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"Swells & Swirls" Of Stunning Photography Featured In North Fork Gallery

Elsie Boskamp

"Cascade" by Matt Clark. (Courtesy Photo)

The Alex Ferrone Photography Gallery will host the work of award-winning photographers Matt Clark and Mike DiRenzo in their new exhibit, "Swells & Swirls," featuring photographs of various landscapes and waterscapes. The artists' reception will take place on Saturday, June 14, 2014, and the exhibit will remain open to the public through Sunday, July 20.

Clark, a Queens native and Long Island resident, is internationally known as one of the best photographers to shoot the surf. His past work has been featured in various media outlets and magazine covers and his clientele include Tommy Hilfiger, Miller Coors and Mercedes-Benz. His work has earned him the 2nd Annual Follow the Light Foundation Grant by Surfing Magazine.

Matt describes his photographs for "Swells & Swirls" as, "Movement. Swirls and twirls contrasted against the breaking surf that spin before a dramatic fiery sky, all captured within a photograph."

"The Wave" by Mike DiRenzo. (Courtesy Photo)

Also a Long Island local, DiRenzo, the current President of the Photographic Federation of Long Island, uses a manual setting camera to capture unique elements of landscapes from western America. With awards including a Gold Medal from the Photograph Society of America, Mike focuses on compositions and powerful tones and shadows in his photographs.

"Genesis" by Alex Ferrone. (Courtesy Photo)

In addition to Mike and Matt, Alex Ferrone's Aerial Observations will also be exhibited at the Gallery. Ferrone is a North Fork based commercial and fine art photographer who focuses on color, texture and shades while shooting Long Island landscapes and bodies of water.

The Alex Ferrone Photography Gallery is located at 25425 Main Road in Cutchogue. For more information, call 631-734-8545 or visit www.alexferrone.com.

Added: June 10, 2014, 3:14 pm
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