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Kardashian’s To Open Dash Hamptons In Southampton Village On Jobs Lane

Nicole B. Brewer

Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian just signed the lease on this 600-square foot DASH Hamptons storefront in Southampton Village. (Photos: Nicole B. Brewer and E! Network)

Speculation over the location of the summer Kardashian-owned pop-up store DASH has been rampant since E! announced earlier this spring that sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian would be filming their reality show, "Kourtney & Khloe Take The Hamptons" out east. As of Saturday morning that all came to rest as the famous jet-setting sisters signed a lease through their real estate agent at 64 Jobs Lane, Southampton.

"I am excited and I welcome them," exclaimed Irma Herzog, the owner of the DASH space as well as neighboring businesses including The Driver's Seat. "I hope they do great business here in Southampton. I hope everyone has a great summer."

The new DASH is just down this little brick alley. (Photo: Nicole B. Brewer)

Set back via a charming brick alley from the sidewalk the 600-square foot space is a former art gallery and minus a coat of paint and a few fixtures nearly turn-key for the store. The shop boasts wide windows and borders a courtyard, a perfect spot for the sisters and their friends and family to enjoy a latte al fresco on a summer day away from prying eyes. What's the price tag for a summer pop-up in the Hamptons rented just days before the season begins? A Hamptons real estate agent, who specializes in commercial properties and asked to remain anonymous, told Hamptons.com that the space was "listed for $30,000 for the year but they are probably paying that for the season. They must be laughing all the way to the bank." The pro speculated on gossip that locals were hesitant to rent an estate to the family. That stall more than likely, the agent went on the say, delayed the store rental which was one of the last two storefronts in Southampton Village available days before Memorial Day Weekend, the kick off to the summer season in the Hamptons.

"Kourtney & Khloe Take The Hamptons" producer Brook Parsons, who was in the Hamptons scouting potential locations on Jobs Lane and Main Street where the sisters might film this summer told Hamptons.com that she's had "a great deal of positive support" from the girls' business neighbors. She noted that both sisters have been in the Hamptons many times before and that Scott Disick, Kourtney's beau and father to her two young children Mason and Penelope, grew up in the area with his parents in neighboring Eastport.

"I think we will be a lot busier than we expected," said Melissa Fanelli, assistant manager at Joe Fresh (60 Jobs Lane, Southampton), of her new famous neighbors. "Sure, it'll be a little crazy having them here but it's good for local businesses." She does concede that "parking will be insane." Headache-inducing parking issues are really business as usual in the summer in the Hamptons.

Erika's Place (67A Jobs Lane, Southampton) just across the street, is one of many retail locations on the picturesque street that has seen more than a few famous faces over the years counting Susan Lucci, Beth Stern, and Sandra Lee as customers. Owner JoAnna Mincarelli told Hamptons.com that she thinks having the sisters across the street from her business is "Wonderful! Bring them in and let them shop all they want!" Mincarelli didn't think the filming would get "too crazy."

It's not all wine and roses for the Kardashian girls however as a few Southamptonites have come out against the expected influx of paparazzi and over-eager fans. One source wrote in a letter to Hamptons.com, "Irma Herzog our 21st Century JUDAS in renting to Kardashian's," while others weren't sure who they were and didn't really care.

In reality, business is business and after a long hard winter all Hamptons business owners want are customers eager to shop. A few stores up at Missoni Home (50 Jobs Lane, Southampton), owner Roxane Mosleh has seen plenty of changes in Southampton over the years and says that she prefers "occupied storefronts no matter who sets up shop." Regarding the famous family and the feared throngs of photogs who will no doubt dog the sisters and stalk the store Mosleh replied, "Celebrities have been in the Hamptons a long time. The paparazzi will be around all summer and then leave in the fall when they leave."

Welcome to Southampton ladies!

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