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INTERVIEW: Charles Ferri - Star Vodka Owner And One Of Esquire’s "Lucky Bastards"

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Charles Ferri showing some dance moves at a Manhattan nightclub in an episode of "Lucky Bastards." (Photo: Courtesy of the Esquire Network)

April marked the premiere of a new reality series airing on the Esquire Network Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. called "Lucky Bastards." Nothing politically correct about this show, it should appeal to Alpha-Males worldwide and undoubtedly raise some eyebrows from feminists. Hamptons.com chatted with castmember Charles Ferri, long time Hamptons resident and owner of Star Vodka, about balancing a reality show and a relationship and his new best friends.

In your own words describe your show "Lucky Bastards."
Charles Ferri: Lucky Bastards is a fun, edgy and raw show that captures the unique friendship of six guys living in NYC as they each live life to its fullest. A reality "Entourage."

Who created the show's concept, how did you come to be in the cast and are all you guys really old friends, "oldies" as is frequently stated, or were you put together specifically for the show?
CF: I was contacted by a producer about the show concept and was initially reluctant because I was really not interested in being in a show with major drama like most of the reality shows currently on air. After meeting with them, I realized the show was very different; it was a show about a group of guys showing a snapshot of their bond with one another, but also included our careers. They asked if I had more friends to add and I brought in Lorenzo, as we have known each other for 10 years and Scott for over 10 years. The "Oldies" (Craig and Adam) I was introduced to them by Scott and we all hit it off. Rocco joined the crew last, but I feel like I have known him forever and we have a blast hanging out together.

The cast of the Esquire Network's new reality show "Lucky Bastards." (Photo: Courtesy of the Esquire Network)

Now that the show is airing and you are essentially a "Reality TV Star," how has your life changed, if at all?
CF: Ha-ha, well I don't consider myself a "Reality TV Star" but thank you! I promised myself before doing the show that I would try my best to stay true to who I am as a person and not get caught up in things. I don't think much has changed; I'm still living with the love of my life, hanging with my boys and working hard building Star Vodka.

It is quite the eclectic mix of professions, a "Denim Heir Slacker," a "Marketing Mogul" (whatever that really means), an "Italian Prince," an "Independent Wealth Manager," in the case of Adam a "Girl Whisperer" who appears to have no job or source of income at all, in your case a very entrepreneurial "Vodka Owner" with a banking background. Did you and all your buddies grow up with silver spoons in your mouths? Frankly, it would not have surprised me if you told me you all met in prep school at Andover.
CF: The great thing about Lucky Bastards is it showcases a group of six friends all from very different backgrounds and personalities. We all have each other backs, no matter what circumstance. Speaking for myself, I came from a very modest family, growing up my father worked 37 years at GM, while my mother was a waitress at Denny's. I wouldn't change it for the world. It has made me who I am today, and taught me to never take anything for granted.

Charles Ferri taking a selfie with long time friend and fellow cast member Scott Mitchell during a "Lucky Bastards" massage. (Photo: Courtesy of the Esquire Network)

So everyone is "chasing skirt" but you, as you are in a committed relationship (at least through the second episode). How tough is it really to hang with these guys and keep faithful to Melissa? Also, what does Melissa think now that she has seen at least the first two episodes, if not more?
CF: Yes, we are still together! I have a blast with these guys when we go out. Because this isn't my first rodeo, I have lived enough and dated enough to a point where I feel totally comfortable and at ease with who I am as a man and settling down. "Chasing skirt" as you call it can be exhausting and I feel so good knowing I have no pressure to meet girls because I have found the one for me. I know how hard it is to find someone you really connect with. Melissa did not want to do the show, but reluctantly chose to support me through this adventure, as she is a big part of my life. In the end, I think she liked it a bit!

If you and Melissa did get married and had children, would you want your daughter hanging around with guys like the "Lucky Bastards?"
CF: When Melissa and I have children, and if we are so blessed to have a daughter, I think as a father the best thing I can do is try to teach her as much as possible about guys in general and let her make decisions on her own. Melissa, on the other hand, I'm sure will be much tougher with whom she hangs out with!

Senior Contributing Editor DMH with Charles Ferri at a 2010 Hamptons.com event that featured Star Vodka's first foray into the Hamptons. (Photo:Jakes van der Watt)

We first met during what I think was your first foray to the Hamptons with Star Vodka at a 2010 Hamptons.com party we threw in a courtyard off Main Street in Southampton featuring Star. The show must be a real plus for branding of what I will say is one of the best vodka's I have every tasted, how is Star Vodka doing these days and what effect is the show having on sales?
CF: Yes! I remember that was such a nice event and I loved meeting you and having all your guests try Star Vodka, we had quite the fan base at the end! I feel so "Lucky" to be a part of this show because it not only allows me to increase the exposure of Star Vodka but also gives viewers a peek into what it takes to be an entrepreneur. I hope I give them the confidence to follow their own dreams. The show gives Star Vodka a much larger audience, which results in more loyal tastemakers, however we continue to be a limited production spirit.

How many episodes are planned and will we see the "Lucky Bastards" partying and filming in the Hamptons this first season?
CF: Lucky Bastards is 10 episodes and we have finished shooting for this season, however hopefully, we will have a season 2, and you can be sure we will be out there!! I can't let you have all the fun out east without us joining you and make sure you do your next event again with Star Vodka - I'm ready when you are!

Finally, although I think you are the least misogynistic guy on the show, you must admit that "Lucky Bastards" is probably the most misogynistic show on television. Any fear of a feminist backlash? What has the response been like to the show so far and what kind of feedback are you personally getting from friends and family?
CF: I think Lucky Bastards finally gives guys a funny, edgy and entertaining show on TV that has not existed before. I think the show will give women an inside peek into the minds of men which is refreshing for TV or at least make them laugh! People really like the show and I am so fortunate to have the support of friends and family, as it wouldn't be nearly as entertaining without them by my side.

A morning after for six Alpha-Males who see NYC as their oyster! (Photo: Courtesy of the Esquire Network)

For more information about "Lucky Bastards" on Esquire, click here: esquire.com.

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