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Oceana Honors Michael R. Bloomberg During Annual New York City Gala

Nicole Barylski

Michael R. Bloomberg chats with "Entourage" star and longtime Oceana supporter Adrian Grenier. (Photo: Jonathon Ziegler/PatrickMcMullan.com)

"Oceana's impressive record is the reason that Bloomberg Philanthropies decided to partner with it when we set out to help solve one of the most critical threats to our oceans, and that is overfishing," said Michael R. Bloomberg who was honored during Oceana's annual New York City Gala. "More than ever the oceans are a source of income and food for people around the world so when ocean life is threatened human life is threatened and we can't let that happen."

Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, Susan Rockefeller, and David Rockefeller hosted the fundraiser which was held at Pool Room at The Four Seasons Restaurant in New York City. Also in attendance was longtime Oceana supporter Adrian Grenier.

In January, Bloomberg Philanthropies announced the launch of the Vibrant Oceans initiative, a commitment of $53 million over five years to promote reforms to boost fish populations in Brazil, the Philippines and Chile. They selected Oceana along with EKO Asset Management Partners and Rare as collaborators to introduce the Vibrant Oceans initiative's comprehensive strategy.

"The world's population is expanding every day and our ability to feed people is becoming critical," said Danson. "The work that Oceana is doing to make sure our oceans can be an abundant and sustainable source of food is important so thank you Mr. Bloomberg for your incredible generosity."

The benefit rose over $900,000 for Oceana.

For more information visit oceana.org.

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