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Project 3West57 presented By Cavalier Gallery To Unveil "The Masters Interpreted" Injections & Impressions, New Works By Bradley Hart

Edward Callaghan
John Wegorzewski

2014, Girl with Pearl Earring Interpreted, impression on board, 77 in x 54 in and 2014, Van Gogh Self Portrait with Grey Felt Hat Interpreted, impression on board, 70 18 in x 54 in. (Courtesy Photos)

Technique becomes technology and art spawns art through the unique process created by classically trained painter Bradley Hart whose extraordinary portraits have captivated the eye of discerning art aficionados. Project 3West57 presented by Cavalier Galleries will host a Solo Exhibition of the acclaimed artist's new works, "The Masters Interpreted: Injections & Impressions." The Opening Reception on Wednesday, May 7, from 6 to 8 p.m. supports the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

In Hart's hands, one of the most innocuous everyday packing materials commonly used for protecting art, bubble wrap, is used as a medium for an artwork. Through an elaborate system of high tech scanning and low tech manual work, Hart injects each individual bubble turning them into pixel like entities to create his artwork. His impressions are created from the paint he literally peels off the initial image and is mounted upon on a wood panel and that becomes yet another piece of art through the impressions from the injected paint.

In this new series to be unveiled at Project 3West 57, Hart has utilized a series of images by renowned masters including Van Gogh, Pieter Claesz, Leonardo Da Vinci and Vermeer as the basis for new works reinterpreted via injection into each bubble - or "pixel" - to create not one but two new artworks - the injection painting and the Impression.

In a recent statement to a prominent international publication, Mr. Hart noted,"On a general level bubble wrap (what I consider to be the quintessential dumb material) references the plastic nature and pixilated landscape of the current world. The injections are a metaphor for the ways we punctuate our lives with Google searches, selfies and Facebook posts. The mass manufactured, rigid uniform hexagonal grid of the material represents various codes mimicked in my process. The antithetical idea of protection vs. fragility of the substance itself is also endemic to the work. The injections take on different meanings in each series, whether it be the financial bubble series, the heroin series, the memory series or the living with MS series. On a personal level, the process of injecting ironically references the need to inject myself with disease-modifying medication for my own MS over the past decade."

Bradley Hart has exhibited his work in numerous galleries and art fairs in the United States and his native Canada. He has created many site-specific installations in New York City. His work is featured in private collections throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and Italy.

Project 3West57 is located at 3 West 57th Street in New York City. For more information call 212-570-4696 or visit www.cavaliergalleries.com.

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