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Shop For Paws: Jean Shafiroff & Sequin Team Up For Southampton Animal Shelter

Lee Fryd

Jean Shafiroff, Kim Renk, Susan Allen, and Linda Renk all sparkle for a cause. (Photo: Owen Hoffmann/PatrickMcMullan.com)

Sipping champagne at Jean Shafiroff's cocktail party at Sequin, we were mesmerized by all the shiny pretty things. We were on the western wing of the "Shop for Paws" Job's Lane Block Party in Southampton, to benefit the Southampton Animal Shelter. Jill Rappaport anchored the other end of the block at J. McLaughlin. The Sequin party was Jean's thank you to all involved in the Southampton Animal Shelter gala earlier this month.

The pop up Southampton Sequin shop teemed with trendy significant pieces shown on the Badgely Mischka runways and in large displays at Saks. Kim Renk, who co-owns the Sequin factory and stores with sister, Linda, flowed from one shopping guest to the other, picking perfect pieces for their looks. We asked her to take us through the trends for fall.

"Statement necklaces are really important," Kim told us. "Anything that's a neck filler. Metal is key and pivotal: silver, gold, mixed metal, any combination metal. Also status necklaces: mesh and big links with a classic look."

"On the flip side, delicate is a monstrous trend - anything layerable, charms, personalization wording, and messaging. Things that say love, belief, etc."

Looking around at the bangles so prominent in Saks this year, we weren't surprise to hear bracelets continue as a big trend. "In that category," Kim continued, "friendship bracelets that means stackable, whether its metal, cording, beading, layered up is another huge, go forward idea."

We decided to go forward with the coral mesh statement necklace Kim draped on us. Perfect for behind the hedges pool parties and bubbly-fueled yachting.

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