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Evidence, A Dance Company Hosts 10th Annual "On Our Toes" In The Hamptons

Colleen Maidhof

Ronald K. Brown and his acclaimed Evidence, A Dance Company, performed "High Life." (Photo: Colleen Maidhof)

Ronald K. Brown and his acclaimed Evidence, A Dance Company held its 10th Annual "On Our Toes" on the sprawling grounds of the Hayground School of Bridgehampton on August 17, 2013, in benefit of Brown's talented dance troupe.

Being one of the summers most anticipated events, Evidence, attracted those all around NY and also introduced the East End to the beauty of African American dance and culture for the 10th year.

The Benefit Committee featured: Larry Satterfield, Board Chair; Gail Monroe-Perry, Secretary; Reginald Van Lee, Chairman Emeritus; Zaid Abdul-Aleem; Alvin Adell; Dwayne Ashley; Monica F. Azare; Reginald Canal; Spike Lee; Leslie Mays; James Sullivan; Jocelyn Taylor; and Dr. Ancy Verdier. James Nixon and Curtis D. Young were the Young Patrons co-chairs.

During the cocktail hour, guests enjoyed cocktails and fine wines courtesy of Moet Hennessy. Guests also feasted on an array of delectable appetizers catered by Harlem's famed 5 and Diamond Restaurant, which specializes in modern American foods with a Spanish influence.

Following cocktail hour, guests entered a large tent for the ultimate dance performance, live auction, a light dinner, dessert, and Evidence's signature "Dancing with the Dancers". Gail Monroe-Perry, Evidence's Board Secretary, opened the summer benefit by welcoming guests and thanking them for supporting the 10th Annual "On Our Toes" event. This was followed by a medley "Summertime" performed by Broadway's Porgy and Bess star, Andrea Jones-Sojola.

The dance company presented a special performance of "High Life", which draws striking parallels of the Great Migration in the U.S. by depicting the journeys from the South to the North and from West African villages to the city.

Brown, Artistic Director and founder of the company Evidence, A Dance Company in 1985, focuses on the integration of traditional African dance with contemporary choreography and spoken word. Evidence provides a unique view of human struggles, tragedies, and triumphs through dance. Brown uses movement as a way to reinforce the importance of community in African American culture and to acquaint audiences with the beauty of traditional African forms and rhythms.

"This is an amazing opportunity to introduce the mission of the company, performances, and education, to the East end, and to also help benefit and celebrate the Evidence dancers," said Brown who was especially thrilled to be celebrating the annual event out in the Hamptons on such a beautiful day.

Sag Harbor residents Susan L. Taylor, Editor Emerita of Essence Magazine and founder of National CARES Mentoring Movement, Inc., and her husband Khephra Burns, author, playwright and producer, served as the benefit's Honorary Chairs. The couple hosted Evidence's first summer benefit 10 years ago at Nova's Ark in Bridgehampton to bring the arts and dance from the African Diaspora to the Hamptons.

"I love how they lift up our history, culture, and spiritů Evidence is an exciting dance company, and it's an honor to our creator and culture. I will always be a supporter," said Taylor endearingly about the internationally-acclaimed dance company.

To learn more about Evidence, A Dance Company or to become a supporter visit www.evidencedance.com

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