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Dr. Harvey Manes Hosts Hamptons American Peace Prize Gala

Colleen Maidhof

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Kim DePaola receives the Peace Ambassador Award. (Photo: Diana Pinck)

Dr. Harvey Manes hosted his first American Peace Prize Gala which was held at his Westhampton Beach home on Saturday, July 27th. The event honored Peace Prize ambassadors, recipients, and supporters.

The Manes-American Peace Prize which was established by Dr. Manes five years ago, focuses on Americans who contribute to the promotion of peace between nations, races, religions, and people.

The diverse turn up of peace ambassadors and supporters were all linked by one common goal, peace. Some peace loving guests included the Suffolk County Crime Stoppers, Peace Prize ambassador George Schwertl of Lloyd Harbor who donated to the Suffolk Police Crime Stoppers gun buyback in Central Islip, Peace Prize recipient the Guardian Angels whose mission is to provide peaceful solutions to safeguard neighborhoods, schools and cyberspace, and Peace Ambassador "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Kim DePaola.

COO of Manes American Peace Prize and fiancé of Dr Harvey Manes, CC Carr, was delighted by the amount of supporters that had gathered. She said, "This is a great crowd at our First Annual Peace Prize Gala. It is a huge success for a great purpose."

Dr. Manes who was happy to host his first American Peach Prize Gala, announced, "This is America's answer to the Nobel Prize which has become politicized. I want to thank everyone for coming and supporting peace."

To become an ambassador of peace or to find out more information about Dr. Harvey Manes and the American Peace Prize visit manesamericanpeaceprize.com .

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