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Stony Hill Stables: Family, Fun, And Fundraising

Devon Aragona

Students performing as a drill team, Janet Harms executing a reining demonstration, and Wick Hotchkiss freestlying to Macklemore's "Thriftshop" at the Stony Hill Stables fundraising event (Photos: Devon Aragona).

Pirouettes, ponies, a few wild animals, and of course some "thriftshop"-- all key ingredients for a successful fundraiser in the Hamptons.

The Stony Hill Stable Foundation benefit in Amagansett on Saturday, June 29 was something to remember.

The showcase was kicked off with barn owner and trainer Wick Hotchkiss showing off her skill with a fresh freestyle to the hit song "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore. She even dressed the part in a fur vest, price tag still intact, with a wild shirt underneath.

Student riders disguised themselves, as well as some of their mounts, as different wild animals to perform as a drill team. Riding to the Sister Sledge hit "We Are Family," they performed maneuvers such as serpentines, changing rein, circles, and of course down center line to show off their riding skills.

"It is a very unifying event for the stables," Maureen Bluedorn, the foundations president said. "All the parents come out to help the kids get ready. All the kids help each other."

A very special treat was planned especially for the fundraiser.

Stony Hill Stables trainer Janet Harms demonstrated the western style riding of reining on the barns little palomino, Chicky. A set pattern where riders take horses through a series of spins, circles and sliding stops. It is commonly described as a sort of western dressage.

The evenings entertainment was rounded out with an amazing performance by Hotchkiss on a beautiful white lusitano stallion that has been trained up through Prix St. Greorges which is one of the highest levels of dressage. They showcased freestyle to Shakira's " Whenever, Whenever.." in Spanish and English.

The event helped raise over $55,000 for the foundation, aiding in providing approximately five full time scholarships for children this next year.

"Seeing the local children gather and take shape is so great." Bluedorn says.

The evening overall was great fun for both the students, and the attendees which included Edward Burns, as well as two of the most recent recipients of a scholarship, Renny Murphy of Springs and Georgia Bunce of East Hampton.

The stables are still taking applications for their scholarship program. If interested visit www.stonyhillstables.com.

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