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Stars, Stripes And Fireworks Orly Manicure For The Fourth Of July

Nicole Barylski

Your friends will be highly impressed with this red, white and blue mani. (Courtesy Photo)

This 4th of July embrace your patriotic and artistic side with this stars, stripes and fireworks manicure created by Orly.

Right Hand:

1. Apply 2 coats of Haute Red ($8.50) to all nails with the exception of the ring finger as this will be your fireworks accent nail.
2. Apply 1 coat of Spazmatic ($10) on top of the Haute Red.
3. Apply 2 coats of Whiteout ($8.50) onto your ring finger.
4. Once dry, begin by drawing half moon shaped lines using Fiery Red ($8.50) to create the firework effect following the pattern in the image.
5. After the Fiery Red has dried, create the same pattern using True Blue ($8.50).
6. Add in Platinum Glitter ($5.00) on top of the fireworks to create a shimmering effect.
7. Once all layers are completely dry, finish with Glosser ($10).

Left Hand:

1. Paint 2 coats of White Out on all nails with the exception of your thumb.
2. Paint 2 coats of In the Navy ($8.50) on your thumb.
3. Beginning at your pointer finger, use Fiery Red to create the lines going towards the nail tip. Do this step on each nail working towards your pinky.
4. Using Platinum Glitter, create 3 stars on the thumb.
5. Once all layers have dried, seal with Glosser.

For more information visit www.orlybeauty.com.

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