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Susan Malfitano

Take advantage of the warmer weather by adding an outdoor workout. (Photo: FITiST)

In less than a month, we will be celebrating Memorial Day weekend. In the Hamptons that signals the "Season" of parties, barbeques and full on beach time. Don't get nervous... you still have a good amount of time to get your body in shape for bikini season, the smart way.

When you look and feel your best you have oodles of confidence and feel more energetic. With summer on the way, you may be feeling the urge to shed that winter weight gain. Getting a head start by being consistent with smart choices will get you to your destination.

Get Physical

Take advantage of the warmer weather by adding some outdoor cardio. It has been proven that walking, running or biking releases hormones and boosts your metabolism. Endorphins along with a slew of other hormones, gets released during a good bout of cardio exercise. Endorphins help us to reduce anxiety and to decrease our appetite. So get your sneakers on and run, skip or jump your way to the outdoors for at least thirty minutes of cardio each day.

Targeting for Form

Firm up target areas by adding these exercises:

Do bicep and triceps curls with three-pound weights to the tune of twenty-five reps each for toning your arms.

Tone your backside with a simple floor exercise. Lie on your belly with your elbows bent and your chin in your hands. Outstretch your legs and lift them together for thirty reps.

Tightening the belly area can be done with simple crunches as well as lying on your back and bicycling your legs for one minute.

Stress Busters

There is a direct correlation between cortisol and weight gain. Too much of this stress hormone adds belly fat. We can control the release of this stress-induced hormone by simply getting a full eight hours of sleep.

Fresh and Clean

Cleaning up your diet entails removing all processed foods and opting for a diet of veggies, fruit, lean meat and fish. With the onset of warmer spring weather, our carbohydrate cravings have a tendency to slow down. Add sunflower seeds and avocados to your salad. Avocados are chock full of thirteen vitamins and the healthy kind of fat that we really need. They are not only satisfying but heart healthy as well. Keep in mind that losing weight is best done with a daily intake of 1500 calories.

Quench your thirst with lemon water, which balances the alkalinity in your body. Put your body back in balance by improving your digestion by drinking one cup of hot water with the juice of a whole lemon each morning.

And most of all have fun creating the new you from the inside out. Adapting these good habits will get you in top form and into the suit of your choice. String bikinis, two-piece suits whether tankinis or skirted, are all designed to make us look as beautiful as we feel.

See you at the beach this summer, confident and glowing!

Susan is a writer, actress, avid cyclist, yoga instructor and aromatherapist in training. She loves discovering new places but always called the Hamptons “home”.

Added: May 8, 2013, 4:02 pm
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