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Last Dance At Parrish Art Museumís Midsummer Party In The Village

Originally Posted: July 19, 2012

Lee Fryd

Eric Fischl, Patricia Duff, Joseph Fichera, and April Gornik who wore a "little somethign from a shop in the Village." (Photo: Patrick McMullan/PatrickMcMullan.com)

We think it was the year Co-Chair Debbie Bancroft showed up in that hot python print mini dress that started the trend. But, somehow the fashion at the Parrish Art Museum's Midsummer Party seems to have gotten more "anything goes." Sure, we saw Jean Shafiroff in a Douglas Hannant gown with bodice beading, but spied Sharon Bush in white slacks and a pretty top. Broadway Producer Stewart Lane channeled his inner peacock in a Lilly Pulitzer turquoise paisley print suit (with pink lining) with wife/producing partner Bonnie Comley in a flowing chiffon gown in the exact hue.

Bright hues from Polina Proshkina, Katia Stotsky, and Lana Smith. (Photo: Patrick McMullan/PatrickMcMullan.com)

"What's nice about this event is you can play dress up in whatever way you want," said Honoree April Gornick, who was wearing a whimsical 50s styled dress from "a tiny little village shop on West 10th Street," that a "friend of mine dragged me into...I enjoy looking at people who to me look almost over-dressed. It's great eye candy."

Maybe because there was no dress code (but, ladies, do such themes as "Arabian Nights" REALLY clarify things?), or maybe because this year celebrated the "creative spirit of the East End" by honoring director/choreographer Patricia Birch, visual artist Chuck Close, author and historian Barbara Goldsmith, interior designers Tony Ingrao and Randy Kemper, musician G.E. Smith, and choreographer Paul Taylor.

"This is the first time we've honored a group of creative people," said Debby Bancroft, in Calypso. "We've done two or three at a time, but this is a roster of across the board creativity, literature to dance to design and fine arts. So it's a good way to go out, a wonderful swan song honoring what's best about being out here."

The Parrish moves into their new Herzog & de Meuron designed facility -- which will triple their space -- November 10, 2012. Besides the added exhibition capacity, there will be more community and artist outreach. "I think what I'm most proud of actually is building the building in this economic climate," Museum Director Terrie Sultan said. "I have to say I'm very, very proud of this community for helping raise the money to do it."

Dorothy Lichtenstein, Etta Froio, and Debbie Bancroft looking stunning. (Photo: Patrick McMullan/PatrickMcMullan.com)

"I think the new museum is modest and simple. It fits the landscape," said Robert Wilson, of the Watermill Center. "It works very well for Long Island local community and it strengthens in its modesty and light."

High fashion ladies - Robin Cofer, Sara Herbert-Galloway, and Joy Marks. (Photo: Patrick McMullan/PatrickMcMullan.com)

"I think they're taking the lead in an increasing broad cultural front," Gornick said. "From what I can tell they seem to be broadening their reach into the community...they're having more movies. They're doing the high def opera screenings. They seem to have more and more activities that appeal to the young and old alike. I think it's growing beautifully and everyone's looking forward to the new space."

"The artists love it so much...which is so meaningful to us," said Bancroft. "It's going to be a fabulous easy place to have amazing events. And we'll have a cafe. I think it's going be even more of a destination." Carlo Bronzini Vender, Etta Froio, Dorothy Lichtenstein, Michele Pesner, Douglas Polley, Frederic M. Seegal, Marcia Dunn Sobel, and Alexandra Stanton were other co-chairs.

At the end of the day, the art and artists are the substance of the Parrish party. "The whole Hamptons art world is here tonight," said artist Steve Miller -- showing now at Harpers Books in East Hampton. "It's a real galvanizing event, the one moment in the entire year that all the artists get together in one room." Contemporary art collectors and Parrish supporters Jane Wesman and Don Savelson, Andrea and Marc Glimcher, and artists Elizabeth Granville-Smith, Eric Fischl, Connie Fox and Bill King, Jane Freilicher, Dorothea Rockburne, Billy Sullivan, Donald Sultan, John Torreano, and Joe Zucker were among the crowd.

Also, Tatiana and Campion Platt's little ones -- Fox and Xenia -- in their arms, "It's never too young to become Patrons," said Campion.

Calum Gair-Stevenson, Adriana Farietta, Todd Hutcheson, Stacy Engman in the most dramatic gown of the evening, Richard Chang, and Maria Baibakova at the After Ten Party. (Photo: Patrick McMullan/PatrickMcMullan.com)

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