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Yum Yum Dishes: Portion Control

Originally Posted: January 23, 2012

Tracy Adler, creator says "The 9Plate is perfect for children, teens, and adults who want to enjoy all their favorite foods in moderation." (Courtesy Photo: Wasabi Publicity, Inc.)

Southampton - In a German magazine recently, Halle Berry declared 'she's not dieting anymore; she's simply watching her portions and her favorite tool is Yum Yum Dishes, four-ounce bowls that say, "Yum Yum Time is" on the rim and "Over" at the bottom of the bowl.

Now Yum Yum bowls have two new additions: snap-on lids and nine-inch plates which measure proteins, veggies and carbohydrates.

Let's face it. New Year's resolutions are hard to keep: You're out driving around and get hungry, so you grab junk or fast food. Next thing you know, your resolutions are toast! Deprivation is a recipe for failure, so why not take the right amount of your favorite snack, naughty or nice, with you?

Yum Yum Dishes offers its fun and fabulous portion control bowls with snap-on plastic lids. Take your snacks and resolutions with you to work, workout, shop, taxi kids and pets - wherever you go! Like the original Yum Yum Dishes, they're safe for the oven, microwave and dishwasher and emblazoned inside with the fun and motivational message on the rim, "Yum Yum Time is" and on the bottom of the bowl, "Over!" It's a great reminder to stop eating when the portion is consumed.

Now Yum Yum bowls have have snap-on lids. (Courtesy Photo: Wasabi Publicity, Inc.)

Nice-sized portions of naughty snacks can help you keep resolutions, but you also need a little fun for healthy-sized meals. In the battle against super-sized servings, Yum Yum Dishes now offers the new 9Plate, a nine-inch dinner plate to help everyone eat right. They feature graphics sectioned to show the correct proportions of Protein, Carbs and Veggies, making it easy to eat a healthy mix of foods in the right amounts.

"Dinner plates have grown over the years to anywhere from 11 to 14 inches, making it easy to over-serve and over-eat your meals," says Tracy Adler, the mom and former restaurant owner who created Yum Yum Dishes. "The 9Plate is perfect for children, teens, and adults who want to enjoy all their favorite foods in moderation."

Nutritionists teach healthy diets consist of colorful foods. To that end, both the bowls and plates come in vibrant colors - cherry red, sunshine yellow, pistachio green and bold blue and retail for $24 per set of four, plus shipping and tax if applicable. Yum Yum Dishes plans a special introductory offer for people who sign up for the free Yummy Tip of the Week at www.yumyumdishes.com.

"When you sign up, you can send us your tips or favorite recipe and we will share them with the rest of the Yummy Community and give you credit," Adler says, yumyumdishes@gmail.com.

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Updated: January 4, 2012, 1:32 pm
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