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Southampton Historical Museum Late Summer Party - Welcome Break For Residents

Originally Posted: September 13, 2011

Edward Callaghan

Dede Gotthelf Moan of Southampton Inn, Museum Director Tom Edmonds and Nancy McGann celebrate the end of summer. (John Wegorzewski)

Jennifer Meihofer-Schmidt and Dennis Schmidt. (John Wegorzewski)

Southampton - The Southampton Historical Museum hosted its annual Late Summer Party in the historic Sayre Barn and on the lawn of the Rogers Mansion this past Saturday, September 10, 2011.

Museum Executive Director Tom Edmonds and a number of Board members were on hand to welcome guests - the largest turnout in recent years - to the grounds where a grim reminder of Hurricane Irene's devastation was on view. The 19th Century C.& E. Bennett Blacksmith Shop was flattened after high winds from the storm caused a large branch to break off and fall on the building's roof. But that did not stop the crowd from enjoying one of the last evenings of summer.

Like an old fashioned neighborhood block party or church dinner, many of the guests arrived bearing heaping platters of savory treats - no Ritz crackers and Cheese Wiz with this group. Dede Gotthelf Moan and her husband Terry Moan, owners of the Southampton Inn, came laden with several platters of creamy salmon mousse on cucumber rounds; Jennifer Meihofer Schmidt and her husband Dennis Schmidt, owner of Schmidt's and President of the Museum Board of Trustees delighted everyone with their contribution to the buffet table - crispy Arancini Italian rice balls filled with veggies and cheese, and there were the most delectable teeny meatballs - provenance unknown - with a cranberry dipping sauce that quickly disappeared.

As always, the party is a chance for old friends to reconnect at summer's end. With many of the attendees involved with businesses that are stretched to the max in high season, the Museum's Late Summer Party is a much welcome opportunity to take a breath, grab a glass of wine and catch up on all the local news - and that's just what everyone else did.

Tom Edmonds shows guests the blacksmith shop destroyed by the hurricane. (John Wegorzewski)

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