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The Nature Conservancy’s 10th Anniversary

Originally Posted: July 01, 2010

Jeff Hughes, Marcio Sztutman, Barbara Slifka, Kleber Karipuna, Georgia Welles at The Nature Conservancy's 10th annual "Beaches and Bays Gala" in East Hampton. (Rob Rich)

East Hampton - The Nature Conservancy's 10th anniversary celebration of the Beaches and Bays Gala took place on Saturday, June 26, at the Center for Conservation.

Fabienne LaMont, Flavia Cattan and Patricia Lobaccaro enjoy the evening.

Gala Chair, Kathy Rayner, joined the organization in thanking the honoree, Barbara Slifka. In recognition of Slifka's extraordinary support of the Conservancy's Amazon program, a highly-respected leader from the Karipuna, one of the four indigenous groups from northern Brazil, made the long journey from Brazil to New York to say thank you in person.

Guests described this gala as "the best one yet." The tent was filled to capacity while guests of all ages filled the dance floor. It was especially refreshing to see a large young crowd participating in the festivities.

Celebrating its 10th year, The Beaches and Bays Gala is The Nature Conservancy's largest fundraiser, attracting hundreds of supporters. During these 10 years, the event has raised over $4.7 million for this organization's conservation work.

For more information on "A Moment In Time" go to www.nature.org.

For more photos on this event go to www.societyallure.com.

Updated: July 1, 2010, 1:25 pm
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