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Dogs Rescued From China's Yulin Meat Festival Arrive Stateside

Nicole Barylski

Two of the rescued dogs. (Courtesy Photos)

In June 2016, six volunteers from around the world took part in a rescue effort that saved 1,000 dogs from the slaughter houses of Yulin, China. Those slaughter houses offer the animals no water or food, and keep the dogs in cages that are so overcrowded that they can't move. They are tortured, starved, bound, beaten, and diseased and in labor. Many of the rescues were sent to a Buddhist group, where unfortunately most of them died due to lack of treatment.

But, more than 100 dogs were transported to a safe house in Nanning, China. Eventually, the volunteers had to depart Nanning without the dogs. Unfortunately, those dogs, if left at the safe house, would most likely not survive. Two dedicated volunteers, Lia Lee and Deborah Hall, at the safe house in Nanning, refused to let that happen. The duo decided they just couldn't leave the animals behind so they stayed and set up triage and brought the injured animals to hospitals in Nanning for treatment. Ultimately, volunteer Jeffrey Beri took over the dogs' care. He helped nurture the dogs back to help by launching a health and wellness protocol that aided the dying dogs, as well as vaccinated and microchipped the animals, and a global database was established. The good news was that every single dog was healthy and ready for a forever home, but they had no way to get to the U.S. That's when John Dalley of Soi Dog Foundation stepped in and raised funds to bring 100 dogs home and the American Humane raised funds to bring 11 dogs home. After being rescued from imminent death and spending six months being nursed back to health, they were transported from China to New York by flight volunteers Jason Walker and Kim Littlefield of Douglas Elliman.

Amazingly, over 100 dogs that were facing a seriously grim future were saved. Many of the innocent animals that were likely to be killed will now await adoption at two Hamptons-based shelters. The other dogs will await adoption in Los Angeles-based animal shelters.

"The dogs saved from the dog farms in China have arrived," noted Kate McEntee, Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation (SASF) Director of Public Relations and Marketing. "They are safe. These dogs were bred for human consumption and now have a different fate with SASF."

The dogs were greeted by local volunteers, including Candy Udell. (Courtesy Photo)

The animals arrived in the United States on Tuesday, December 13th and were greeted by local volunteers. Five of the dogs will be brought to Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation in Hampton Bays and the other five dogs will be brought to Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons (ARF) in Wainscott.

Executive board member of the Pet Philanthropy Circle and HEART, Candy Udell of London Jewelers, who also works with Rescue Paw Foundation, helped facilitate bringing the dogs to the East End.

"It takes a village! Everyone is working together to help make this a cruelty free sustainable world," explained Udell. "By bringing the dogs here from the Chinese Meat Market we are all working to start a movement for here and China to make the world a better place for the animals. Thank you SASF for your caring and compassion!"

SASF was pleased to be a part of the rescue efforts. "SASF would like to thank Candy for all her love and hard work to save these lives. As the community shelter, an open door admissions shelter, our main responsibility is to our local strays and owner surrenders," expressed Jerry Rosenthal, SASF Executive Director. "But when we have the space to help we will. Saving lives has no borders. These dogs are in need dire need of help."

Once deemed ready for adoption, the adorable pups will be ready to be placed with a loving family. "We will find great homes here in the Hamptons," added McEntee.

For more information about Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation, visit southamptonanimalshelter.com. For more information about Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons, visit www.arfhamptons.org.

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