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INTERVIEW: Local Author Jeffrey Sussman On His Next Book: "Big Apple Gangsters: The Rise And Decline Of The Mob In New York"

by T.J. Clemente
The Bookshelf - "The book covers the period from basically 1919, when the baseball World Series was fixed, up through the beginning of the 21st century and how the mob is still functioning, and what it is doing and what's staying under the radar," Sussman told us.

INTERVIEW: Justine Green, Ed.D., Talks "Completely Me" And The Importance Of Teaching Kids That It's OK To Be Different

by Sydney A. Braat
The Bookshelf - "I want to help children with disabilities understand that others impose disability on them and they shouldn't let that happen. They are not "missing" anything. They are capable of doing great things and their imperfections make them perfect," said Justine Green, Ed.D.

INTERVIEW: Dennis Fabiszak, East Hampton Library Executive Director, On The Digital "Authors Night" Edition, Library Programming, Reopening And More

by Nicole Barylski
The Bookshelf - "They're really intimate. We really want people that are attending to feel like they're able to ask questions and have some interaction," Fabiszak told us about this year's event.

BookHampton And Vendome Press Partner For "Summer To Summer: Houses By The Sea" World Central Kitchen Benefit

by Gabrielle Topping
The Bookshelf - "These promotions not only support these worthy non-profits but also encourage customers to support their local independent bookstore. It's a true win-win!" the BookHampton team shared.

INTERVIEW: Literary Icon, James Patterson, Talks Recent Releases "Hawk" And "The Summer House" And Effervescent Career

by Sydney A. Braat
The Bookshelf - "To me, the most exciting aspect of this story is the glamour and history of the titular 'Summer House' itself. It's sort of an unexpected setting for a murder mystery, and one I'm sure readers in the Hamptons are familiar with. Hopefully it doesn't freak them out too much…" said Patterson.

Catch Up On Summer Reading With Bedside Reading®

by Nicole Barylski
The Bookshelf - "Being able to showcase established and new authors and our Hamptons partners is exciting," said Jane Ubell-Meyer.

INTERVIEW: Author Amity Gaige Pens New Novel "Sea Wife" About Family That Leaves Their Normal Life Behind & Sets Sail To Panama

by Sydney A. Braat
The Bookshelf - "First of all, I wanted to describe the drama and beauty of the sea. I loved writing about waves, wind, and weather. I'm also interested stories about risk-taking and adventure," said author Amity Gaige.

Hamptons Libraries Offering Curbside Pickup

by Nicole Barylski
The Bookshelf - If your summer reading goals have been lacking lately, getting your hands on riveting reads just got a lot easier - because many Hamptons and East End-based libraries are now offering curbside pickup.

East Hampton Library's Long Island Collection "Item Of The Week:" A Weekly Connection To The Past

by T.J. Clemente
The Bookshelf - "This has been a very popular program and has been well received. Andrea Meyer, Head of the Long Island Collection, is doing a wonderful job with the Collection," Dennis Fabiszak shared.

INTERVIEW: Champion Surfer and Author Vicky Heldreich Durand on "Wave Woman: The Life and Struggles of a Surfing Pioneer"

by Alexandra Talty
The Bookshelf - "Her life reminds us that we can be so much more than we think. She thought she could do anything she wanted to - like getting in the glider when she'd only had 8 hours of flight instruction. And crashing it," Vicky Heldreich Durand told Hamptons.com.

Hamptons Authors' Weekend To Feature Cocktail Parties, Baking Demo, And More

by Nicole Barylski
The Bookshelf - "The Bedside Reading themed weekend is a great way for visitors from near and far to experience the Hamptons' luxury B&Bs while meeting authors in unique events," Carol Covell shared.

INTERVIEW: Author Christie Leigh Babirad On Finding Inspiration In The Hamptons, "As The Winds Change," And More

by Nicole Barylski
The Bookshelf - "I think that my goal with this book was to be vulnerable and to express the main character, April, all of her emotions," Babirad told Hamptons.com.

INTERVIEW: Photographer Eric Meola On Chasing Storm For "Fierce Beauty: Storms Of The Great Plains," Working With Bruce Springsteen, And More

by Nicole Barylski
The Bookshelf - "My first trip was in 2013, and I had no idea what I was getting into, but it turned out to be a spectacular season for tornadoes, and lightning," Meola told us about his initiation into storm chasing.

INTERVIEW: Sheila Rogers And Dennis Fabiszak Dish About East Hampton Library's "Authors Night"

by Nicole Barylski
The Bookshelf - "In one day, we raise more than 10 percent of our operating budget. That really helps us to provide free programming all year long at the Library," Fabiszak told us.

Sag Harbor's Former Harbor Books Is Now Berry & Co. - A New Name And Location Keep Beloved Book Store In Area

by Eileen Casey
The Bookshelf - "The plan is to open before Memorial Day," Taylor Rose Berry revealed.

"The Big Duck And Eastern Long Island's Duck Farming Industry" Book Will Have Readers Quacking With Pride

by Eileen Casey
The Bookshelf - "The first duck farm, Atlantic Duck Farm, opened on Long Island in Speonk in 1858; however, raising ducks did not take hold until the Pekin duck breed arrived from China in 1873. Due to Long Island's waterfront properties," Dr. Van Scoy noted.

Hamptons-Based Inns Welcoming Several Bestselling Authors

by Nicole Barylski
The Bookshelf - "We created this weekend to bring people out to the Hamptons' during the winter season and create something different for locals to do," Heather McCormack explained.

Local Authors Offer An In-depth Look At The East Hampton Goody Garlick Witchcraft Case

by Nicole Barylski
The Bookshelf - "This is a fearsome tale of neighbor against neighbor in the early days of East Hampton, when the now-familiar street names still belonged to the town's landowners, tenant farmers, pastors, whalers, rogues, and heroes," Dava Sobel noted.

Meet Authors Joyce Brian And Allan Zola Kronzek This Weekend At Hamptons-Based Gallery

by Nicole Barylski
The Bookshelf - "Like classic characters from Seuss or Pooh, Brian's characters become BFFs," Romany Kramoris shared.

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