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Fern Mallis To Host "House Of Cardin" Screening At Southampton Arts Center

by Lee Fryd
On The Screen - "The two filmmakers," Mallis told us, "were guys who loved dressing to the nines, colorful clothing and Pierre Cardin.They collected his designs for years. They learned he visits the Paris store on Tuesdays. So, when they went to Paris, they decided to try to meet him."

Beyoncé Secretly Filmed Scenes From Disney+'s "Black Is King" At East Hampton's Guild Hall

by Shakir Philippe
On The Screen - "Ugo Rondinone's visually arresting exhibition at Guild Hall caught the eye of Beyoncé and her team because of Rondinone's 'sun sculptures' (golden rings) and the thematic relationship to the cycle of life in The Lion King," Andrea Grover noted.

Parrish Art Museum And Bridgehampton Child Care & Recreational Center To Host Black Film Festival

by Nicole Barylski
On The Screen - "The Festival is an opportunity to shed light on different cultures and their life experiences. The only way that we are going to come together is to learn more about each other and to spend time with each other," Bonnie Michelle Cannon noted.

Shelter Island-Based Educational Farm Makes Cameo In Beyoncé's "Black Is King"

by Nicole Barylski
On The Screen - "With this visual album, I wanted to present elements of Black history and African tradition, with a modern twist and a universal message, and what it truly means to find your self-identity and build a legacy," Beyoncé explained.

One Ocean Film Tour Set To Make A Splash In Southampton

by Gabrielle Topping
On The Screen - "The collective vision of the films is to protect our seas and share stories about people who have dedicated their lives to the ocean," Elyn Kronemeyer stated. "The evening highlights six ocean focused films that were chosen to educate and inspire audiences to find ways in which they can make decisions that will help keep our beaches clean and preserve our ocean waters."

Sag Harbor Cinema's Drive-in Series Continues With "Thelma & Louise," "Stand by Me," "The Seven Year Itch" And More

by Shakir Philippe
On The Screen - The Sag Harbor Cinema's (SHC) Drive-in series continues at Havens Beach every Sunday night for the rest of the summer brought to the comfort of your car.

Montauk Summer Outdoor Movie Series To Screen "The Rental," "Moana," "Gimme Shelter" And More

by Nicole Barylski
On The Screen - "During this unprecedented time, we think it's important to still offer our communities a safe outdoor space where people can get together over art and culture and still feel connected," Dave Ceva noted.

"Show Time In Southampton" Drive-In Movie Series To Support The Fight Against Food Insecurity

by Nicole Barylski
On The Screen - "AFTEE put together its Drive-In Movie series for several reasons: We all need a family night out and a safe way to come together for a bit of summer fun," Claudia Pilato noted. "And every ticket not only provides a space for a car, but a second space for sitting out side the car - safely distant from the next family."

HamptonsFilm Hosting Retrospective Mondays, Scary Wednesdays, And First-Run Fridays Drive-In Movie Series At Hayground School

by Nicole Barylski
On The Screen - "We're delighted to partner with the Hayground School to be able to offer 11 screenings through July - mostly on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays," HamptonsFilm Executive Director Anne Chaisson told Hamptons.com.

"Point Break," "Moonrise Kingdom" And "Selena" To Screen During Hamptons Drive-In Movie Series

by Nicole Barylski
On The Screen - "The light, the colors, the air, the heat, the smells, the sounds, the water, the adventure, the romance, the daydreams, the late nights, the everlasting memories, even the scorching asphalt…there is nothing like 'the feeling of summer.' And cinema has captured it so well in so many different ways," Giulia D'Agnolo Vallan said.

Hamptons-Based Library Hosting Summer-Long Drive-In Movie Series

by Nicole Barylski
On The Screen - "During these trying times, the Westhampton Beach Free Library is constantly thinking outside the box to offer our patrons as many programs as possible," Danielle Waskiewicz, Library Director, noted.

INTERVIEW: Actress, Musician, And Foster Care Advocate Jen Lilley On The #VoicesThatGive Contest, Her Latest Hallmark Project, Fostering, And More

by Nicole Barylski
On The Screen - "We need music that's empowering. We need music that is uplifting and relatable and explores heartache, and then the triumph that you can face on the other side," Lilley told us about her new album.

Sag Harbor Cinema Drive-In Coming To Havens Beach

by Lindsay Aitken
On The Screen - "Who could have ever imagined that the road to the re-building and the re-opening of the Sag Harbor Cinema would have included a drive-in phase?" pondered SHC Artistic Director Giulia D'Agnolo Vallan.

@ Home Virtual Cinema To Feature "Shirley" Screening And Chat With Author Susan Merrell

by Nicole Barylski
On The Screen - "Shirley's work rides on the skin between imagined and real, seducing with its oddness and humble cracks until you can't tell if you're looking up the stairwell or into your own mouth. I felt strongly that this film needed to feel like a Shirley Jackson story," said Josephine Decker.

Sag Harbor Cinema @Home To Host Lee Grant Double Bill, "Zombi Child" And "The Grey Fox"

by Nicole Barylski
On The Screen - "One of the loveliest adventures of the year...director Phillip Borsos is able to make this a human story and still keep it exciting as an action picture," Roger Ebert said about The Grey Fox.

Drive-In "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" Screening To Take Place At Coopers Beach Over Memorial Day Weekend

by Nicole Barylski
On The Screen - "After two months of isolating and separation we are delighted to host this drive-in movie and food drive as a nostalgic feel-good event to enjoy with family and friends, as we safely re-emerge from this tumultuous time together," Simone Levinson noted

"Down and Out in America," "Band of Outsiders," And "Our Mothers" Screening As Part Of Sag Harbor Cinema @Home

by Nicole Barylski
On The Screen - "Anna Karina's recent passing gives further relevance to the opportunity of screening 'Band of Outsiders,' one of my favorite collaborations between Godard and the great muse of the French New Wave," explained SHC Artistic Director Giulia D'Agnolo Vallan.

"Now Showing" To Feature "Capital In The Twenty-First Century," "And Then We Danced," And "The Booksellers"

by Nicole Barylski
On The Screen - "We are thrilled to showcase some incredible films in May's 'Now Showing' series that truly represent a wonderful range of current cinema for our audiences," David Nugent relayed.

Sag Harbor Cinema @ Home Debuts With Three Online Offerings

by Nicole Barylski
On The Screen - "These titles reflect only a small portion of the films we'll be able to present once the Cinema is open," SHC artistic director Giulia D'Agnolo Vallan.

HamptonsFilm's "Now Showing" Goes Virtual

by Nicole Barylski
On The Screen - "We are thrilled to be able to continue our popular weekly series Now Showing," Anne Chaisson shared.

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