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Hamptons Real Estate Transfers

George Simpson

• Min Date = 11/15/2017 Max Date = 11/21/2017
To From Price Address
Whitt,A & Mahmood,N Sterlacci,M & Chin,R 905,000 1942 Montauk Hwy
Flynn, J & K Kenny, J & J 1,800,000 92 Devon Rd
To From Price Address
Shapiro,R&B & Fink,E Poss, G & S 1,475,000 6 Bay Inlet Rd
DeKnatel, W & A Abramovici, M & E 915,000 132 Isle of Wight Rd
Murphy, R Biondo,C &Rostholder 524,000 16 Lion Head Rock Rd
VanTang,H&Thi Truong Youmatz, R 525,000 77 Hog Creek Rd
Town of East Hampton United Yokefellow 35,000* 81 Gerard Dr
Brown, S EDM LLC 250,000* 11 Bay Colony Ct
Souza, A & K0001 Nikov,S & Iankova,D 1,310,000 58 Settlers Landing Ln
Eckhardt, E Ferrera, R 649,000 21 Crandall St
Robinson III, A & J Ritter, A 1,550,000 8 Haynes Ln
Fajer,D & Schier,J Oertle&Seaton-Oertle 999,000 10 Scallop Ave
Hamm, O & Lee, C Wachtel, W 623,500 27 Sandra Rd
TOG Custom Homes Lang, J 850,000* 7 Crooked Hwy
Shouldice, D R Blanco, L&M &Trusts 1,700,000 2 Scoy Ln
Sayia, P Shapiro, K & R 960,000 21 Quarty Ct
Reif, N Leshaw, M Trusts 938,334 2 Rivers Rd
Lovett, G Vannini, P 875,000 18 Miller Lane Terr
Friedman, D SRP 2012-5 LLC 1,450,000* 11GreenHollow&301-7-5.001
Cicco, M & M 55BuellLaneExtension 3,750,000 55 Buell Ln Extension
Derrig, M Labbat,Schwenk, etal 1,250,000 52 Wireless Rd
Hitherlee II LLC Grenadier, G 5,600,000 53 Hither Ln
Palladino&ShermanPal Hillel, L & L 4,900,000 132 Main St
Kuhl, D & M Boyd Jr, M & D 4,930,000 4 Lockwood Ln
11954 - MONTAUK
To From Price Address
Anderson, S &C Trust Phillips, L 800,000 147 Soundview Dr
Yau, S & Yung, L Lauretti, T 605,000 29 Fairway Pl, Unit 19
O'Donnell, M Miles&Cass,R&J Trsts 1,200,000 127 Glenmore Ave
Taubner, F & C Cogen, L & Trust 850,000 21 S Fulton St, Unit #1
Bayberry 194 LLC Seofon Associates LP 200,000* 196 Montauk Hwy
11963 - SAG HARBOR
To From Price Address
Knoess, C Janetti, G 975,000 40 Hamilton St
To From Price Address
DSA Beach LLC Weigley, M 5,900,000* 65 Beach Ln
To From Price Address
Valerio,E & Kowzon,K Elardo, R & J 525,000 43 Emmetts Ln
Stapon, C & A Garms, N by Exr 380,000 243 Great Rock Dr
Bubeck,W &Burns,K Antici Sr, R & RD 396,000 271 Great Rock Dr
Cooke, C Tribble, B & M 407,500 49 Southview Ct
Neidhart, T May Jr, B 225,000* 6 Baileys Ct
To From Price Address
Blasso, A & C Ferguson FamilyTrust 632,500 2 Mallard Ct
Shipman, N Fannie Mae 260,000 3002 Willow Pond Dr
Kesler, N Gebbia Sr, D by Admr 240,000 2005 Willow Pond Dr
Sirico, A & C Stein, G & H 569,000 87 Chris' Sundrop Ct
DeStefano, M Russo, V 337,000 2601 Amen Corner
Hynninen, B & K Forgione, R Trust 333,500 3403 Amen Corner
US Bank NA Love, V by Ref 232,902 315 Doctors Path
US Bank Trust N.A. Urbano,D etal by Ref 432,309 7 Roan Ln
Llamas, S Maynard, W by Exr 365,000 420 Marcy Ave
Bentsen, A & K Raczkowski, A & W 315,000 815 Roanoke Ave
Newby, R & A White, L 365,000 227 Fishel Ave
To From Price Address
Nevins, J & S Manduca,A &Carbone,A 360,000 207 Fox Hill Dr
Galasso III, A & S Redlich, R & K 550,000 181 Landing Ln
Casale, A Pierpont,K & Byer,P 500,000 2706 Sound Ave
Villas at Roanoke Barbero, M 135,000* 205 South Path
To From Price Address
Blake Stone & Ni-Co Crawford,R by Ref 289,152 467 Sound Shore Rd
Arvanaghi, J Fitzpatrick, R 427,500 10 Lorraine Ct
To From Price Address
Gonzales,F &Davidian Krolikiewicz,C byExr 837,500 14 Great Circle Dr
Little Ram Oaks LLC Potts, A Trust 3,400,000 34 Little Ram Island
Maccallum, A Schumacher, S 1,450,000 5 Sunshine Rd
To From Price Address
Blake Realty LLC Baay, N R 120,000 97 Lake Ave
JRE and C LLC Baay, N & R 230,000 83 Lake Ave
79 Lake Avenue LLC McIver, R & M 215,000 79 Riverhead Moriches Rd
To From Price Address
Bridge A LLC 32 West Pond Drive 4,000,000* 32 West Pond Dr
To From Price Address
Jimenez, A & L Carnevale,P &M &L &L 840,000 4 Henrys Hollow Ct
Wernick, V Ongania, W 817,000 8 Bennett Dr
US Bank National As Saccente III, M & L 386,221 14 Post Crossing
Blake Stone LLC Blackwell, S by Ref 377,504 7 Friese Dr
Wells Fargo Bank NA Bougatsos, L by Ref 680,000 9 Canvasback Ln
To From Price Address
MTGLQ Investors LP Marenco,Vargas byRef 565,781 24 Columbine Ave N
35 Starboard Road Garofalo, R & A 199,000* 35 Starboard Rd
Gardini,M & Peluso,G Cicero-Natlo, C 600,000 40 Norwood Rd
BayviewLoanServicing Fonseca, F 432,011 6 Elm St
Breen,T & Calosso,A Phillips, B & D 460,000 10 Long Ln
AMR 355 Realty LLC Samen, M 390,000 6 Lighthouse Rd
To From Price Address
491 Parsonage Lane Sag Parsonage LLC 4,600,000 491 Parsonage Ln
11963 - SAG HARBOR
To From Price Address
Colbert, B & K Batiancela, L 845,000 32 Poplar St
Sparacino,P &DePalma Petzold, J 763,500 26 Oak Dr
PMT NPL Financing Fischman, E by Ref 481,274 3002 Noyack Rd
Friedberg&Eshaghoff Brozman, O 915,000 35 Margaret Dr
Frankel,D&Freedman,L Gimbel,B & Slane,L 2,496,000 1190 Brick Kiln Rd
Sloan, B Sag Buyers LLC 825,000 59 Round Pond Ln
12 Rolling Hill LLC Karpinskaia-Milstein 1,550,000 12 Rolling Hill Ct
Shenker, E & M Oberempt,E& Rigg,S 885,000 11 Deerfield Rd
Hargraves, M Gallanti, C 1,155,000 289 Ferry Rd/Rt 114
Pastier, C 80 Redwood Road LLC 2,925,000 93 Redwood Rd
Choi, S Vandenberg, J 1,100,000 15 Church St, #G-112
SME 344 Main Street Sherry, J & L Trusts 995,000 344 Main St
To From Price Address
Ribeiro, J Sanders, B & C 525 38 Hampton Rd North
Lazy Summer Home Fattouh, E 2,117,000 15 Long Springs Rd
Brine, M Edge Avenue LLC 3,050,000 Scrub Property
Leo, A & T Koribanick, D 800,000 11 Cold Spring Ct
Sound Brothers Corp Kouloumbini, N 490,000* 4 Scotch Mist Ln
Feil, A & McNulty, C Schwartz, W 999,000 8 Phillips Ln
Emanon South Corp Duberman LivingTrust 2,200,000 191 Bishops Ln
Edelson, G Germino, M 3,111,900 142 Coopers Farm Rd
Traulsen, R De Bary, M 2,200,000 155 Hill St, Unit 3
Piazza,A&Gugliotti,S Curti, M 1,400,000 27 Henry St
12 CF LLC Johnson, M Trusts 2,250,000 97 Coopers Farm Rd
11976 - WATER MILL
To From Price Address
Chwatt, J 1132 Noyack Path LLC 5,000,000 1132 Noyack Path
Dimitropoulos, C 11 Dead Trail Rd LLC 1,240,000 11 Dead Trail Rd
Altmark, M & A Gottbetter, A & L 4,400,000 1461 Deerfield Rd
Oran, S & H Latrowski, L 4,825,000 1 Farrell Ct
Seligman, D Dodson, S &R by Tr 960,000 248 Water Mill Towd Rd
483 Scuttle Homes Redd, M 1,200,000 483 Scuttle Hole Rd
K.M. Farrell RealEst Savage, S 3,435,000 50 Lawrence Ct
15 Georgian LLC Craig, R 2,650,000 15 Georgian Ln
To From Price Address
Shumway,E &Megill,M Baird, M 453,000 725 Patrick St
`Jean CarboneRealEst Scorse, L 295,000 626 B Edwards St
Krupa, R & V Murphy, B & M 140,000* 87 Summit Blvd
Gazza, B Andone LLC 16,500* 15 Columbia Ave
McCafferty, E Bookamer, B & K 520,000 24 Summit Blvd
Algieri,P & Covino,P Reeve Sr, T &F Trust 600,000 4 Baycrest Ave
Beyer, D Smith, W & Roos, MT 840,000 46 Jagger Ln
To From Price Address
Zink, A McDonald, D & A 1,200,000 147 Oneck Ln
Minassian, K & J SnugHarborDevelopmnt 999,999* 16 Michaels Way
Dune Road LF Realty Dune Road LLC 3,025,000 837 Dune Rd
To From Price Address
STEJ LLC Glover, L by Devisee 315,000* 1850 Cox Ln
White, T Glover, L by Devisee 400,000 1622 Cox Ln
McDonald, J Serrano, L & S 425,000 160 Alvahs Ln
To From Price Address
Dagounakis,A &Siskos Xikis, J by Grdn 650,000 55585 CR 48
Von Ancken,R&M&Trust Loomis, MP Trust 1,755,000 125 Cove Circle
To From Price Address
Kanellos, N & D Psyllos, P & E 915,000 2867 Ruth Rd Ext
Sokol, W & West, J 87 Sandy Court LLC 600,000 4250 Sound Ave
Preszler, T 2200 Wickham Avenue 595,000 2200 Wickham Ave
Nelson, C & B Lojac,P & Berger,S 440,000 1880 Sigsbee Rd
11971 - SOUTHOLD
To From Price Address
Voyager Land LLC Hasel, M 575,000 420 Leon Rd
Boxer,G &MacDermot,M Miller, G 1,200,000 50 Critten Ln
Devito,D & Azcona,A Birkel Family Trust 750,000 565 S Harbor Rd
Menta, D Costa, L & H 585,000 900 Gin Ln
Joelson, M & C Davey, P & L 660,000 1145 Bay Haven Ln

Source: Suffolk Research Service, Inc., Hampton Bays, NY 11946
* -- Vacant Land

George Simpson is the President of Suffolk Research Service, Inc., a division of Office Management Systems Corp (OMS). OMS specializes in software products for Real Estate professionals. Most notable is their Appraise@ software. www.suffolkresearch.com

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