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Hamptons Art In The Park To Feature Pieces From Over 40 Artists

by Nicole Barylski
In the Galleries - "There truly is something for everyone at this fine art show. It is a great time to come to the Village, stroll in our park and check out the Village restaurants," SAA Board member Danielle Leef explained.

2019 Market Art + Design To Bring Together Nearly 100 Galleries

by Ryan Lappe
In the Galleries - "The caliber of gallery is extremely high, and visitors to the Market Art + Design pavilion can expect to encounter truly world-class work," Kelly Freeman noted.

INTERVIEW: Aced Gallery's Michael Cassiliano On The Hamptons' Market Art + Design And More

by Sydney A. Braat
In the Galleries - Aced Gallery is truly honored to represent such creative minds like Gregory Siff and Guy Stanley. Both of these artists pull inspiration from the greats like Basquiat and Warhol which will hit home for Hamptons collectors," Cassiliano told us.

Johannes Vogt Gallery's Annual "The Barn Show" To Premiere Over Fourth Of July Weekend

by Nicole Barylski
In the Galleries - "Highlights this year include Gina Beavers whose spectacular exhibition is on view currently at MoMA PS 1, Derrick Adams who was just awarded the prestigious Rauschenberg Residency, as well as the East Coast premiere for Australian painter Madeleine Pfull," Vogt noted.

Hamptons-Based Museum Highlights Vintage Whaling-themed Stamps And Postcards

by Ryan Lappe
In the Galleries - "The idea came to me when I was researching a local whaling adventure. A whale was caught of Amagansett in 1907," Richard Doctorow, the curator of the exhibit, explained.

A "Mad Mix" Is Coming To The White Room

by Ryan Lappe
In the Galleries - "Mad Mix as an exhibit concept is a play off the informal definition of mad as in mad loaded or, in this case, very mixed work with 11 featured artists," shared The White Room co-owners and directors Andrea McCafferty and Kat O'Neill.

"Bodies Of Work" To Explore The Human Figure

by Courtney File
In the Galleries - "The human body endures as an iconic artistic expression and source of inspiration because of its ability to capture the complexity of the human condition and reflect our emotions, thoughts, dreams and nightmares," Setha Low noted.

"Summer Solstice," An Exhibition By Lizzie Gill, Now On Display In Montauk

by Courtney File
In the Galleries - "The exhibition Summer Solstice centers around that moment, on the longest day of the year, where you contemplate your past, present and future," Gill explained.

Don Lenzer Honors Sag Harbor Cinema With "Sag Noir" Project

by Ryan Lappe
In the Galleries - "Sag Noir has brought me more joy and satisfaction than I could have possibly dreamed. Out of destruction and loss came a lesson in generosity, kindness and community spirit," Lenzer reflected.

"Divine Intervention" To Support Community Cafe

by Nicole Barylski
In the Galleries - "Our desire is to hold a free dinner, served with dignity, restaurant style, once a week for the community," revealed Reverend Karen Ann Campbell about the Community Cafe.

Memorial Day Weekend Hamptons Art Show Openings

by Nicole Barylski
In the Galleries - "For this exhibit we wanted to start small to end big," Andrea McCafferty and Kat O'Neill said about All The Pieces.

"The New In Dynamic Abstraction" To Wrap Up With Reception And Demonstration

by Nicole Barylski
In the Galleries - "The paint travels on its own behalf! I am a spectator, the hands on a spectator," the modernist colorist reflected.

Chinese Pianist Yi-Nuo Wang Kicking Off 7th Annual Hamptons Salon Series

by Nicole Barylski
In the Galleries - "The Museum strives to illuminate the creative process of artists in myriad disciplines, and the intimate setting of Salon Series allows musical artists to engage in a dialogue with the audience about their program selection and approach to interpretation," Terrie Sultan noted.

"East End Collected" Celebrating Its Fifth Year

by Nicole Barylski
In the Galleries - "Including this year's East End Collected5, over 150 artists have participated in the EEC series. Artists whose careers range from working in their basements to those who have had long international careers," Patton Miller noted.

Hamptons Juried Art Show Benefiting The Retreat Celebrating 10th Anniversary

by Sydney A. Braat
In the Galleries - "When you continue to have the hope that with earnest intention, and effort, we can change things that need attention in the world, for the betterment of all. That there is a better life for those that become aware, and elect or grasp, that they deserve and can have a better life," said Richard Demato, owner of RJD Gallery.

Groove Is Back In The Hamptons: Annual Pop Up Expands With Afternoon Tea Dance And Benefit Art Exhibition

by Nicole Barylski
In the Galleries - "This will be the biggest artGroove yet with 21 participating artists including distinguished sculptor Hans Van de Bovenkamp, David Geiser, American painter and underground comix creator and former New York Times illustrator, Charles Waller," Geralyne Lewandowski, Art Groove Founder, relayed.

Embrace The Zen At April Hamptons-Based Art Exhibition

by Nicole Barylski
In the Galleries - "Our intent in the concept was to witness Zen through Art. Four diverse female artists depict their own unique state of calm," Andrea McCafferty and Kat O'Neill, Co-Owners/Co-Directors, explained.

Hamptons-Based Artists Banding Together For "Hybrid Resonance" Benefit Exhibition

by Nicole Barylski
In the Galleries - "Having been born in Venezuela, although I was raised in East Hampton, I have maintained a close connection to my birth country - I still have family and friends there," Esperanza Leon explained. "I have felt powerless witnessing the drastic decline, the nightmare that Venezuela is living."

"East Meets West" This Weekend At Ashawagh Hall

by Nicole Barylski
In the Galleries - "I chose the title East Meets West because there are four Sumi E (oriental brush painting) artists in the show," Ursula Thomas reflected.

Women's History Month Kicks Off At The Parrish Art Museum Representing Diverse Generations, Cultures, And Practices

by Sydney A. Braat
In the Galleries - "This is a terrific lineup of women artists who have a connection to the Parrish," said Corinne Erni, Senior Curator of ArtsReach and Special Projects.

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