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Public Relations Guru, Gina Giacomantonio, to Host Inaugural Panel on Wellness and Style: A Spotlight on Trendsetting Women of New York

by Sydney A. Braat
Within The City - "Times are definitely changing and we must all stay relevant," said Gina Giacomantonio. "I am creating something for entrepreneurs so that they can be heard and have a voice without being judged by their following or small practice."

NYC Mission Society Community Thanksgiving Dinner Hosted By Jean Shafiroff

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "Many of our neighbors struggle to put food on their tables, and this event ensures they have a warm meal and plenty of food to bring home," Mission Society President, Elsie McCabe Thompson said.

French Heritage Society Hosts Annual Black & White Ball

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "They shared beautiful, personal stories of why Notre Dame held special significance to them," Jennifer Herlein said. "One person gave because his grandfather had fought in the war, and had been there when Paris was liberated. There were people who gave $10. There were people who gave $10,000."

Kick Off Celebration For The 65th Viennese Opera Ball

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "With it's long-standing tradition of 65 consecutive years, the Viennese Opera Ball demonstrates that the ballroom and the dance floor is the best platform for cultural exchange between distinguished guests and nations," President and Executive Director Silvia Frieser told the room.

Alec Baldwin And Marlo Thomas Co-Chair The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute 50th Anniversary Soiree

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "Strasberg reminds me always that we are never done looking at ourselves. We're never completely satisfied. In fact as a result of studying at Strassberg and studying with Geoffrey, I'm incapable of being satisfied," Alec Baldwin told the crowd.

Fern Mallis Honored At Carter Burden Network's "Silver And White Night"

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "It's never too late," Fern Mallis told Hamptons.com about the "golden years." "It's time to honor this time of life. Stop worrying about products that are anti-aging! There's nothing wrong with aging. It's what we all do."

A Place to Be(ad) Me Honors Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright And Stephen Baldwin At Inaugural Fundraiser

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "I've been developing A Place To Be(ad) Me for a year and a half and I'm so proud to announce that we've launched our classes at the Administration for Children's Services, also known as the New York City Orphanage," Susan Foster told us.

Iman, Tiffany Haddish, Anna Wintour, Lupita Nyong'o, Michael Kors And Several Others Gather At Golden Heart Awards To Benefit God's Love We Deliver

by Sydney A. Braat
Within The City - "This is a necessary organization, sadly. People are suffering from various illness and can't cook or feed themselves. The need seems to continue to grow," remarked Actress & New Yorker Tamara Tunie.

Casita Maria Fiesta Honors Ambassador Mary Ourisman Dawkins And Brigadier General Peter Dawkins, John Hardy Jewelry, Edgar Legaspi, And Juan Montoya

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "The Plaza gives us special permission to dance 'til midnight," Jacqueline Weld Drake, who has been Chair, Board of Directors for more than 30 years, told us. "It's very unusual for them. And it has to be negotiated every year."

New York Women's Foundation Radical Generosity Dinner Honors DeAnna Hoskins And Bryan Stevenson

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "It's really tough in this city to advocate for closing down Rikers because it's been around a long time, it's got a constituency of guards and bureaucracy and it's an easy place to put young people who have no place to go," Bill Moyers told Hamptons.com.

Jean Shafiroff Hosts Surgeons Of Hope Gala Kick-Off Cocktail Party

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "Every year a million children are born with congenital heart defects," Surgeons of Hope Executive Director Victoria Flamant told us.

Mission Society Hosts Founding Families Gala

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "We're here tonight to change the lives of the children we serve," said Gala Co-Chair Jean Shafiroff.

The French Heritage Society Honors Caroline Weber

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "Whatever offense her three society divas may have taken at being used as creative fodder for Proust's satirical fiction, they would surely be highly flattered by the extraordinary lengths to which Caroline went to document the truth of their real and often difficult lives," Jennifer Herlein noted.

Martin And Jean Shafiroff Host Cocktails For The NY Mission Society Gala

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "This is the kick-off for our gala," Mission Society of New York President Elsie McCabe Thompson told us. "This year we're calling it the Founding Families Gala, a theme that underscores not only the history of Mission Society but the history that roughly parallels the history of New York. It was just two decades after NYC was the capitol of the nation that Mission Society was founded."

Jean And Martin Shafiroff Host St. Patrick's Day Cocktail Party Honoring Stony Brook Southampton Hospital And Featuring Patrick McMullan

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "There are two things you need - a good hospital and a good ambulance," she told her guests. "I am incredibly grateful for the hospital as without it, I wouldn't be here."

LongHouse Reserve Honors James Carpenter And Toshiko Mori

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "I met Chihuly when I went to a big wedding in Connecticut," Jack Lenor Larsen told us. "We all slept in a friend's house and there were beds everywhere. My wife and I ended up sleeping in the same room with Dale Chiluly." This "one night stand" turned into a relationship.

Deborah Norville Hosts The NYSPCC's Sixth Annual Food & Wine Gala

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "We are the first line of defense for vulnerable children and their families in New York City," said Dr. Pulido.

Culture For One Hosts Fall Luncheon

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "When you take a child out of a home, they perceive it, intuitively, as some form of rejection, even as we perceive it as protecting and healing them outside of an abusive environment," Dr. Penny Grant told us.

Dame Jillian Sackler Hosts Private Dinner In Celebration Of New Museum Of Art And Photography In Bangalore

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "Modern art is very difficult to understand. At first glance it may seem not very interesting, but there's usually incredible meaning behind it," Dame Sackler told Hamptons.com.

The New York Landmarks Conservancy Hosts 25th Living Landmarks Celebration At The Plaza

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis embraced the cause to save Grand Central Station. "How can I help?" she asked a delighted Peter Stangl after their private tour.

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