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Originally Posted: October 27, 2005

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Myperennial began as a happy accident. A tired sweater needed a pick-me-up. Felt revived it. With a bold new garden perched upon her shoulder, Jen Hopwood the creative genius behind myperennial, bounced around the streets of New York City to and from work as a public schoolteacher. She received compliments and women asked her to buy this delightful reflection of springtime.

Soon after relaying this story to a stylish colleague, she staged an intervention. At dinner on the Upper West Side, she encouraged Jen to create scarves and hair accessories for their school's winter fair. Kids notoriously know what's good. They always choose the sparkly-est sticker or the gooey-est cupcake; so why not the softest scarf or the cutest hat?

By day she taught elementary school science. By night she cut, sewed, and created one-of-a-kind pieces to deck out a card table in our school cafeteria. She wore her sweater. By the time those Tribeca moms and kids were done with her, she was surprised to find she'd sold out of nearly everything.

After three years of steady successes, the line has grown perhaps as fast as the line of people plucking their preferred myperennial products.

Just for Hamptonsview.com members we have two exclusive scarves one pink and one black. These are the most brilliant combinations of small and medium flowers hand-secured with glass beads onto the coziest fleece. Our plush and generously-proportioned scarves are 14" wide and 65" long. Wrap yourself in softness this winter season!

The full myperennial line is available online at www.myperennial.com with prices for scarves in red, brown, and black at $88. There is a full range of accessories for your hair and clothes, as well as hats, tanks and tees, blankets and pillows for the home, and coming soon - holiday stockings!

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