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INTERVIEW: John Sebastian A Cog In The Wheel Of The Greatest Musical Cultural Sea Change In The History Of Man

by T.J. Clemente
Live Music View - "There is a song about taking a right on a rode to Brownsville, Tennessee, and one day I was driving Yank [Rachell] and he said, 'Take the right,' and I realized we were on the road to Brownsville in his song," Sebastian told us about a defining moments of his musical life.

Pianofest In The Hamptons To Host Concerts Throughout June, July, And August

by Courtney File
Live Music View - "Each Pianofest season presents a world of music in a dynamic format that shares the curiosity and background of works familiar and new, centered around the talents of the best young performers of today from around the world," Paul Schenly noted.

Lynn Blue Band, Joe Delia And The Thieves, Gene Casey, And More To Headline Free Concert Series On Montauk Village Green

by Nicole Barylski
Live Music View - "You really can't beat laying down tunes in the sunset surrounded by families dancing or lazing in the grass," Joe Delia shared.

INTERVIEW: Lynn Blumenfeld On The Lynn Blue Band, The East End Music Scene And More

by T.J. Clemente
Live Music View - "The history is epic. Just being on the same stage that Sting and Richie Havens and Coldplay and Suzanne Vega have played on gives me chills," Blumenfeld told us about playing at Stephen Talkhouse.

INTERVIEW: Singer/Songwriter Matt Jaffe On His Latest LP, The Spirit Catches You, How Jerry Harrison Of Talking Heads Influenced His Career, And More

by Nicole Barylski
Live Music View - "I think Jerry choosing to work with me really became a defining moment," Jaffe reflected about Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads.

INTERVIEW: A Talk With Thomas Muse, Founder Of The Band Jettykoon

by T.J. Clemente
Live Music View - "We don't want to dominate the mood of the beautiful setting sun, and the special conversations the folks are having, we want to augment the specialness," Muse said about the band's Montauket sets.

INTERVIEW: A Talk With Legend Tony Orlando

by T.J. Clemente
Live Music View - "Frank Sinatra was the emcee and I was invited. There was Elizabeth Taylor, Mickey Rooney, real big stars. Frank Sinatra called out my name first. So I asked him, why my name first? Frank Sinatra asked, 'Who's the new kid on the block?' I said, 'I am,' and Frank replied, 'Well kid, we always take care of the new kid on the block," Orlando said was a defining moment.

INTERVIEW: A Chat With 60's Legend Peter Asher Of Peter & Gordon

by T.J. Clemente
Live Music View - "He had to learn to sing my songs as I his. I think we do them quite well," Asher told us about joining forces with Jeremy Clyde.

Nancy Remkus And Daniel Koontz Headlining Final Songwriters Share Show

by Nicole Barylski
Live Music View - "The final concert of the fifth annual Songwriters Share Concert Series will offer a lot of musical variety and an evening celebrating the conclusion of another successful year-in which we donated to six local charities," Remkus noted.

Montauk Music Festival Celebrating Tenth Anniversary With Over 400 Performances

by Nicole Barylski
Live Music View - "We've enjoyed seeing Montauk's music scene grow, looking forward, I'm eager to see where this musical journey brings us and Montauk," Sue Giustino noted.

Music For Montauk Launching Fifth Season With Complimentary Sybarite5 Concert

by Nicole Barylski
Live Music View - "We are thrilled to have the astonishing Sybarite5 perform in Montauků especially considering M4M's unique connections with members such as Angela Pickett, Sarah Whitney, and Laura Metcalf, and the music for Jessica Meyer," Lilah Gosman expressed.

Musician Gene Casey Taking The Stage For The Turtles

by Nicole Barylski
Live Music View - "Gene Casey - ten gallon hat - 20 gallon heart," Nancy Remkus said about the next Songwriters Share headliner.

Dante Mazzetti Headlining Masonic Winter Music Series

by Nicole Barylski
Live Music View - "I'm so honored to be a part of this benefit series again this year," Mazzetti reflected. "The proceeds go towards supporting education and feeding those who are hungry - two very important local causes."

Les Poules à Colin Headlining Sylvester Manor Educational Farm Concert Series

by Nicole Barylski
Live Music View - "Get ready world, this group is already really, really good and on its way to greatness!" Edinburgh Fringe Festival notes.

Fred Raimondo Headlining Annual Songwriters Share Concert In Support Of The Retreat

by Nicole Barylski
Live Music View - "Fred's warmth and wisdom spill over into his music as his thoughtful lyrics paint a picture of a life well lived," Nancy Remkus expressed.

INTERVIEW: Hometown Favorite Gene Casey On Playing On The East End, Giving Back To The Community, His Musical Beginning, And More

by T.J. Clemente
Live Music View - "The most memorable benefit performance I have done is something on a much smaller scale," Casey, who has headlined many, many benefit shows, revealed.

INTERVIEW: Foreigners Journey Co-Founder Paul Kochanski On Celebrating Two Iconic '80s Rock Bands

by T.J. Clemente
Live Music View - "I was putting a Foreigner type band together. The timing was perfect," Kochanski said about the band's founding three years ago.

The Moondogs Are Ready For A Beatles Weekend At Bay Street

by T.J. Clemente
Live Music View - "What's exciting is these were the last two Beatles albums released and recorded before they broke up," Joe Lauro told Hamptons.com.

Caroline Doctorow And The Ballad Makers Headlining Upcoming Songwriters Share Concert Series

by Nicole Barylski
Live Music View - "The 3rd concert of the 5th annual Songwriters Concert Series is sure to be a hit with Caroline Doctorow and her band the Ballad Makers - warming the room with her velveteen voice and thought-provoking song lyrics," Nancy Remkus, Songwriters Share Founder, shared.

INTERVIEW: Anderson East On His Musical Evolution And Inspiration, Dream Future Collaborations, And More

by Nicole Barylski
Live Music View - "I think now I've hit that point where I know I'm comfortable within my own personality. For a long time I was just trying to reinvent the wheel and the wheel was perfectly fine rolling on its own," East told us about the evolution of his musical style.

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