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14 Artists' Studios Opening To The Public During Annual ARTSI Tour

by Olivia Rutigliano
In the Galleries - "The most important thing about the ARTSI open studio event is that it allows our art to be seen, which is what every artist strives for. It's also a great way to see where and how artist's create their works. And, it's fun and a great excuse to visit Shelter Island." said spokesperson, Liz Hartman.

Over 70 Artists Participating In Juried Fine Art Show In Montauk

by Olivia Rutigliano
In the Galleries - "We encourage people find time in their schedules to come be a part of this wonderful art event in Montauk," said Ron Mellot. "It is more than simply an 'event', or an exploration of what people create in the myriad forms, styles and art mediums that have become their lives as artisans."

INTERVIEW: Artist Taylor Slater On "One Ocean -- Seven Strawless Seas" - Her First Solo Show, Partnering With Lonely Whale, And More

by Nicole Barylski
In the Galleries - "I hope everyone really feels the tranquility they'd feel if they were watching a shore-break on the beach or diving underwater to discover a coral reef," Slater told us.

"Ready To Open" Series Marks South Korean Artist CHO Yea Jae's U.S. Debut

by Olivia Rutigliano
In the Galleries - "Impressionism and the abstract embody a mad woman at work, common images take on humorous narratives, opposites attract and the metaphorical space between the real and imagined leaps off the canvas in Beyond," said Kat O'Neill, Co-Owner/Co-Director.

Ashawagh Hall Hosting Invitational Artists Exhibition And Fisherman's Fair This August

by Olivia Rutigliano
In the Galleries - "There's going to be over 100 artists displaying their pieces at the historical Ashawagh Hall," noted Carol Mohlenhoff.

Jonah Freeman And Justin Lowe's "There Is Something Wrong With The Stenographer" Coming To Montauk

by Olivia Rutigliano
In the Galleries - "I have been astonished, perplexed and enlightened by Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe for years," said Johan Kugelberg.

The Leiber Collection Hosting Special Celebration In Honor Of Judith And Gerson

by Olivia Rutigliano
In the Galleries - "The collection will have several hundred Judith Leiber bags and about a dozen Gerson Leiber paintings," said Jeffrey Sussman.

Brooklyn-Based Artist, Andrew Brischler, Exhibiting Work At Madoo Conservancy

by Sydney A. Braat
In the Galleries - "The buildings and gardens are so magical, so evocative, and so otherworldly; seeing my work in this space has brought an entirely new dimension to my practice," reflected Brischler.

INTERVIEW: Emerging Artist Stephen Wilson On Gaining Hamptons Traction After Market Art + Design

by Sydney A. Braat
In the Galleries - "For Market Art + Design I chose to showcase works from my ongoing Luxury series, where I rework the idea of found object assemblage, utilizing designer boxes and packaging as the canvas," said artist Stephen Wilson.

Everyday Kitchen Utensil "Causing A Stir" In The Hamptons

by Olivia Rutigliano
In the Galleries - "Every day offers myriad choices. An empty spoon eloquently represents the beginning of the creative process and the potential to imagine limitless possibilities," Patti Grabel said.

Skrapper Studio To Host "Via East Hampton"

by Olivia Rutigliano
In the Galleries - "It will be an ambitious mix of beautiful, handmade women's bags, photography, incredible drone footage and paintings," explained artist William Quigley.

Upstairs Art Fair Presenting Second Hamptons Iteration This July

by Olivia Rutigliano
In the Galleries - "Interesting what a difference one season can make with Art Hamptons fading out and Upstairs Art Fair along with The Bridge filling the void," said Bill Powers.

18th Annual Art In The Park Festival To Return To Agawam In July

by Olivia Rutigliano
In the Galleries - "There truly is something for everyone at this fine art show. It is a great time to come to the Village, stroll in our park and check out the Village restaurants," SAA Board member Danielle Leef explained. "Come and meet the artists and support local fine art."

80 Top Galleries From Around The World To Be Represented At Hamptons Art Market + Design

by Sydney A. Braat
In the Galleries - "Market Art + Design 2018 is absolutely a can't miss event of the Hamptons summer season," said Kelly Freeman, Director.

Hamptons-Based Historical Society Holding Caribbean-Themed Cocktail Party

by Nicole Barylski
In the Galleries - "We invite the public to come celebrate the start of the summer season in Caribbean style with the delicious fare the Caribbean offers, while enjoying our 2nd Annual Caribbean Art Exhibition," said Audrey Gaines.

The Past And Present Of Artist Keith Sonnier To Be Explored In The Hamptons This Summer

by Olivia Rutigliano
In the Galleries - "I have found that it is often during the most challenging times of our lives, outside of any comfort system we may have developed to protect ourselves, is where our survival instinct kicks in and directs us to gain energy and direction from our personal reservoir of existence," noted Tripoli Patterson.

The White Room Gallery's "Balancing Act" Kicking Off With Summer Solstice Summer Kick Off Party

by Olivia Rutigliano
In the Galleries - "My artistic passion involves revealing the unique beauty found in the most simple moments and places," John Mazlish.

The Sea And Sky Meet At Sag Harbor Whaling & Historical Museum

In the Galleries - "The original theme was a multidimensional show," said Michael Butler.

Performance Art Guaranteed To Engage The Senses Coming To The Hamptons

by Ashley Mantrana
In the Galleries - "Expect the unexpected and prepare for contagious passion that will uplift and move you," said Kate March.

Shawn Heinrichs' "Light On Shadow" Offers A Unique Connection Between Art And Conservancy

by Anastasia Lennon
In the Galleries - "In my imagery, in my storytelling, in my conservation work that's where I start and I try to plant that seed because just maybe that one person in that room will get up, transform their lives, and become the next ambassadors for the change that we so desperately need," said Heinrichs.

Showing Results 81 to 100 of 696
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